The Labor Party promises to abolish the House of Lords

Labor has promised to abolish it House of Lords if ever elected to the UK the government. The party that confirmed these plans in BBCpromised a “new, reformed upper house” to take its place.

Leader sir Keir Starmer wants to put an end to the current system that deprives the future politicians power to confer peerage. He criticized v Conservative Party for assigning the peerage to “khalaps” and “donors”.

The House of Lords is the second house of the UK Parliament, which considers bills, challenges government action and scrutinizes public policy. Sir Keir said the reforms were needed because the public had “lost faith in the ability of politicians and policy to bring about change’.

The House of Lords has faced criticism over the years over concerns that its membership is becoming excessive with 784 sitting members. Aspects of the planned system that Labor wants to introduce, such as its size and composition, are to be decided during the consultation.

The system, described by party officials as “new” and “reformed”, will see members voted for by the public rather than politicians. It is said to remain a place that studies and amends new laws, but will not act to form new governments or set budgets.

It is not the first time the Labor leader has made proposals to abolish the House of Lords. Plans to scrap the system and introduce a new model are expected to be confirmed next Labor Party manifesto. The Labor Party promises to abolish the House of Lords

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