13 mins ago

    USDA Record of Farm Export Forecast – AgriNews

    Washington — US agricultural exports are projected to reach a record $ 164 billion in…
    14 mins ago

    Papio-Missouri River NRD Leads Watershed Tour

    Basin tour … comment State-wide NRD directors and staff learn about the metro basin Release…
    31 mins ago

    Seed companies form a coalition to purify contaminated waste at the Nebraska Ethanol Plant | 2021-06-14

    Six seed companies have formed a coalition to apply for pollution cleanup at the currently…
    32 mins ago

    Becoming the stepfather of Lily Allen’s daughters changed my life

    Stranger Things star David Harbor said his life changed by becoming the stepfather of his…
      1 hour ago

      Growth in China’s securities sector is driven by equity registration reforms: Central Bank of China Media

      The official news platform of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) welcomes the beneficial impact of stock registration reforms on…
      1 hour ago

      Many options for melon weed control

      UCANR Cooperative Extension by Amber Vinchesi-Vahl, Colusa County Every year, 300-800 acres of fresh market honey dew, mixed melons and…
      1 hour ago

      Researchers Discover “Antidotes” for Bees Exposed to Pesticides | 2021-06-14

      Given the small things, a team of researchers may have taken a big step in the fight to protect bees…
      2 hours ago

      The utility is committed to protecting against cybersecurity threats

      news APPA: The power industry is committed to protecting against cybersecurity threats Recent cyberattacks on JBS and the Colonial Pipeline…
      2 hours ago

      Ag Pandemic Relief Details – DTN – AgFax

      Biofuel producers split $ 700 million in aid funding due to loss of pandemic production, and USDA announced more relief…
      2 hours ago

      Matthew McConaughey says declining the role of a lucrative romantic comedy has led to career advancement.

      Matthew McConaughey said refusing the lucrative offer to appear in another romantic comedy led to the renaissance of his career.…
      2 hours ago

      United Airlines Updates Employee Appearance Standards

      United Airlines has shared with its employees that it will revise the appearance standards for flight attendants and customer service…
      2 hours ago

      Nanjing Bank is trying to raise 20 billion yuan to recapitalize with convertible bonds

      Nanjing’s lender banks have just begun issuing convertible bonds in excess of US $ 3 billion. On June 15th, Nanjing…
      2 hours ago

      Market analysts expect volatility to continue

      news Market analysts expect volatility to continue June 16, 2021 Along Mark Drainkamp Submit below: 2021 growth period, Ag economy,…
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