Cows and calves sold to £2160 at Hilltown Mart

Fat Cows: Farmer Warrenpoint £1,690 for 776kg (218ppk), Hilltown Farmer £1,630 for 846kg (193ppk), Downpatrick Farmer £1,450 for 778kg (186ppk), Farmer Warrenpoint £1,320 for 742kg (178 ppk), Kilkeel farmer £1,320 for 842kg (156ppk), Hilltown farmer £1,300 for 742kg (175ppk), Ballyward farmer £1,290 for 734kg (175ppk) and Kilcoo farmer £1,220 for 614kg (199ppk).

Cows and Calves: Jonesboro Farmer £2160, £2150 and £2060, Hilltown Farmer £1820, Jonesboro Farmer £1760 and £1720 and Hilltown Farmer £1540.

Weaned heifers: Castlewellian farmer £790 for 376kg (210ppk), Hilltown farmer £760 for 278kg (273ppk), Mayobridge farmer £740 for 330kg (224ppk), Hilltown farmer £730 for 260kg (281ppk), Dromara farmer £700 for 266kg (263ppk), Hilltown farmer £700 for 290kg (241ppk), Dromara farmer £690 for 252kg (273ppk), Dromara farmer £680 for 286kg (238ppk) , Dromara farmer £630 for 240kg (262ppk) and £600 for 224kg (268ppk), Dromara farmer £590 for 218kg (270ppk) and Kilkeel farmer £560 for 204kg (274ppk).

Hilltown Mart

Weaned steers: Hilltown Farmer £1,040 for 426kg (244ppk), Rostrevor Farmer £1,030 for 410kg (251ppk), Hilltown Farmer £1,010 for 390kg (259ppk), Hilltown Farmer £990 for 254kg (390ppk ppk), Hilltown Farmer £980 for 286kg ( 342ppk), Hilltown Farmer £920 for 344kg (267ppk), Hilltown Farmer £900 for 312kg (288ppk), Hilltown Farmer £800 for 282kg (283ppk), Mayobridge Farmer 780 lbs per 290kg (269ppk), Kilcoo Farmer £770 per 286kg ( 269ppk), Mayobridge Farmer £760 per 260kg (292ppk), Hilltown Farmer £760 per 236kg (322ppk), Hilltown Farmer £730 per 226kg (323ppk ), Hilltown Farmer £700 for 230kg (304ppk), Hilltown Farmer £680 for 230kg ( 296ppk) and Castlewellan Farmer £620 for 216kg (287ppk).

Heifers: Kilkeel Farmer £1830 for 778kg (235ppk), Kilkeel Farmer £1490 for 690kg (216ppk), Dromara Farmer £1220 for 448kg (250ppk), Newry farmer £1210 for 520kg (232ppk), Mayobridge farmer £1160 for 520kg (241ppk), Kilkeel farmer £980 for 394kg (248ppk) and Kilkeel farmer £940 for 380kg (247ppk).

Bulls: Hilltown Farmer £1,840 for 740kg (248ppk), Hilltown Farmer £1,610 for 678kg (237ppk), Hilltown Farmer £1,600 for 712kg (224ppk), Mayobridge Farmer £1,600 for 624kg (256ppk), Hilltown Farmer £1,580 for 624kg (256ppk). for 708 kg (223ppk). ), Mayobridge Farmer £1,560 for 628kg (248ppk), Hilltown Farmer £1,550 for 674kg (230ppk), Newry Farmer £1,470 for 610kg (241ppk), Newry Farmer £1,430 for 632kg (226ppk), Mayobridge Farmer £1,390 for 600kg (231ppk). ), Mayobridge farmer £1,350 for 574kg (235ppk), Hilltown farmer £1,340 for 562kg (238ppk), Hilltown farmer £1,330 for 538kg (247ppk), Gilford farmer £1,320 for 560kg (235ppk), Cabra farmer £1,310 for 560kg (235ppk). for 558 kg (234ppk). ), Hilltown Farmer £1,290 for 514kg (251ppk), Killowen Farmer £1,280 for 510kg (251ppk), Dromara Farmer £1,270 for 494kg (257ppk), Killowen Farmer £1,260 for 488kg (258ppk ppk), Hilltown farmer £1240 for 454kg (273ppk). ), Gilford farmer £1,200 for 460kg (261ppk), Killowen farmer £1,140 for 430kg (265ppk) and Annalong farmer £1,090 for 404kg (270ppk).

A good number of sheep at Hilltown Saleyard on Thursday 17th November saw fat ewes sell to £141 and fat lambs to £117.

Fat Sheep: Hilltown Farmer 141lbs, Rathfreeland Farmer 112lbs, Cabry Farmer 110lbs, Cabry Farmer 94lbs, Mayobridge Farmer 91lbs.

Fat Lambs: Annalong Farmer £117 for 27.5kg (425ppk), Kilkeel Farmer £111 for 23.3kg (476ppk), Rostrevor Farmer £111 for 23.7kg (468ppk), Hilltown Farmer £108 for 23.2 kg (465ppk), Newry farmer £108 for 20kg (540ppk), Kilkeel farmer £107 for 25kg (428ppk), Cabra farmer £106 for 22.9kg (463ppk), Kilkeel farmer £106 for 22.3kg (475ppk), Rostrevor farmer £105 for 21.3kg (493ppk) and Rathfriland farmer £98.50 for 21.5kg (458ppk).

Store Lambs: Cabra Farmer £104.50 for 19.8kg (527ppk), Rathfriland Farmer £100 for 19.2kg (521ppk), Banbridge Farmer £99.50 for 18.5kg (538ppk), Cabra Farmer £98. .50 per 18.8kg (524ppk), Cabra farmer £98 per 18.8kg (521ppk), Castlewellan farmer £96 per 18.8kg (510ppk), Gilford farmer £95 per 18.5kg (513ppk), Castlewellan farmer £91 per 17kg (535ppk), Dromara farmer £90.50 per 18kg (503ppk), Castlewellan farmer £82 per 15.8kg (519ppk), Rostrevor farmer – £73 for 14.6kg (500ppk), Hilltown Farmer £71.50 for 14.1kg (507ppk) and Mayobridge Farmer £67 for 13kg (536ppk). Cows and calves sold to £2160 at Hilltown Mart

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