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With the Puma 4.0, AVR introduced the world to a reliable, high-tech 4-row self-propelled combine.

AVR is planning a major upgrade for the 2023 season Control of all conditions (ACC) mechanism for controlling the depth of the digging unit. With this feature, operators can harvest with either diabolos or probes, ie without putting any pressure on the comb.

The technology of monitoring the depth of harvesting with probes has been reviewed in detail. Control is now much more precise, which means that the digger, and therefore the whole machine, can run more stably than ever.


  • More comfortable for the driver: the steering works very well in all circumstances (also in case of spray marks, on sloping terrain, etc.), which means manual intervention is no longer required.
  • A more precise control also improves cleaning quality. The productivity of the potato harvester is largely determined by the exact depth of harvesting. Harvesting should not be too deep, nor too shallow. The less soil enters the combine, the less it needs to be processed. This means less stress on the machine, resulting in faster harvesting speeds, less wear and tear and less fuel consumption per hectare.
  • Also at higher speedsthe handling – and by extension the entire car – remains extremely stable.

AVR Connect

Each Puma 4.0 is equipped with the necessary modules for connecting the machine. Customers can register for free in

AVR Connect is an online reporting tool for all machine activity and an online machine data repository both on and off the field. AVR Connect offers users more data and therefore more efficient use of machines and resources.

The pre-installed unit (with a SIM card) collects data and transmits it wirelessly in real time over the Internet to the AVR Connect platform. The platform visualizes data in an understandable form. Users can control machines remotely, and there are remote diagnostic options.

AVR also offers an optional Trimble NAV900 GPS scope from the factory. Accurate GPS is a must for accurate data collection, such as yield measurement on a Puma assembly table. This is why AVR offers precision GPS from the factory, including a 1-year subscription to precision RTX.

Low fuel consumption

In a climate of high fuel prices, AVR would also like to emphasize that the Puma’s fuel consumption is very low thanks to the efficient Volvo engine, sophisticated hydraulic system, lightweight construction and large tire sizes. This is especially true if you can harvest at a lower speed (1250 rpm). For example, looking at the average flow rate per engine hour (i.e. not just harvesting hours) of all connected Puma 4.0s, 27.6 L/h is the average for the 2022 harvesting season.

The AVR Puma 4.0 Comfort Drive will be showcased for the first time with November 27-29 at Interpom in Kortrijk Xpo, Hall 6 (Belgium).

Source: AVR
photo: In the interior of the Puma combine AVR’s upgraded Puma 4.0 Comfort Drive self-propelled harvester on display at Interpom 2022 – Potato News Today

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