The Royal Mint is releasing a new £2 coin

The Royal Mint has released a special £2 collector’s coin to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the current £2 bimetallic coin. Since it was first minted 25 years ago, the £2 bimetallic coin has been the largest coin in circulation in the United Kingdom and has become a favorite among UK collectors.

More than 50 unique designs have appeared on the £2, celebrating significant scientific, technological, sporting and literary achievements and key moments in British history. Designer Bruce Rushin, who designed the original £2 coin back in 1997 Royal Mint to share their memories of the original design and to learn about the latest technological advances involved in the production of the commemorative coin.

The artist said: “It was an amazing feeling when my design was chosen to appear on the first ever British £2 coin. Twenty-five years later, I am honored to once again feature my design on the commemorative £2 commemorative coin.

“Visiting the Royal Mint to see how the coins are expected was fascinating. Being able to see the level of skill and craftsmanship that goes into creating collectible coins these days was special. Comparing it to when the £2 coin was first produced shows how far technology has come and was an eye-opener for me.”

Inspired by the history of technological advancement, Bruce Rushin’s 1997 design features four concentric circles that represent industrial and technological progress from the Iron Age to the Internet. The Technology design features on £2 coins in circulation from 1997 to 2015, and has been released in a new commemorative issue with special features to mark the anniversary.

The Royal Mint has released a new £2 coin to celebrate 25 years in circulation

Combining tradition and technology, a hidden feature has been added to the design to reveal the number ’25’ in the central screw when it catches the light. The original twist represents an evolution of the Royal Mint’s minting technology – a special high-security feature created using the latest laser technology to achieve sharper details than the milling machine used in 1997.

On the obverse of the anniversary coin, below the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, there is an “Iron Age” mark in honor of the services of Bruce Rushin. Like the 1997 example, the coin features the edge inscription “I stand on the shoulders of giants”, taken from a letter written in 1676 by Sir Isaac Newton, which shows that today’s achievements would not be possible without the discoveries of the past.

Rebecca Morgan, Director of Collectors Services at the Royal Mint, said: “Twenty-five years have passed since the British £2 coin was first struck for circulation and we are delighted to mark the occasion with a new £2 collector’s coin featuring the the same design that first appeared in People Change. As the largest denomination in circulation, the £2 has become a favorite piece among collectors, commemorating significant anniversaries and events in British history.”

How to buy a Royal Mint 2022 £2 coin

This commemorative £2 coin is available in Gold Proof, Silver Proof, Piedfort Silver Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated on The website of the Royal Mint. Two historic sets of £2 coins will also be available for collectors to purchase.

Twenty-five years of £2 imagery includes three exact portraits of Her Majesty The Queen to appear on the £2 coin, including a 1997 coin and a 2022 coin, the latter of which was specially minted for the 25th anniversary and features the original “Technology” reverse design.

A special commemorative set of £2 coins from 1986 to 1996 will also be available, including the sought-after 1989 Tercentenary Claims Coin. The Royal Mint is releasing a new £2 coin

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