Joe Lycett explains that the money shredding was fake

Humorist Joe Lissett shared a video on social media admitting he didn’t spend the £10,000 but donated the money to LGBTQ+ charities after his ultimatum to the former footballer David Beckham. Lyseth previously posted a message on social media about what was to come grind money if Beckham had not refused the position of ambassador World football championship in Qatar.

David Beckham has come under fire after signing a reportedly £10million deal with Qatar to become an ambassador for the controversial World Cup. Qatar has been ranked as one of the worst countries in the world for LGBTQ+ rights, and Beckham has previously been seen as an ally of the movement.

As a deadline for LyceumThe ultimatum was accepted, Art Birmingham the comedian posted a video on social media of him, wearing a rainbow tulle jacket, tossing two wads of money into a shredder before walking off the set. The video sparked controversy as fans said it was disrespectful to fork over that much money at a time when many people across the country are struggling to pay their bills.

As of Monday, however, Lycett had yet to post another video, beginning with: “This is my last message to David Beckham. It’s me, the f***er who made a ton of money during the cost of living crisis.’

Admitting that the money that came out of the shredder was indeed fake, Joe continues the video by saying that the money had already been donated to LBGTQ+ charities before he even posted the first tweet informing Beckham of the ultimatum.

He continued, “I never expected to hear from you. It was an empty threat meant to get people talking.

“It was a lot like your deal with Qatar, David. Total bulls from the start.’

He then continues the clip by shredding a copy of Attitude magazine for July 2002 featuring David Beckham on the cover. The publication is the first ever gay magazine to feature a Premier League player.

Jo Lissett donates £10,000 to LQBTQ+ charities (Photo: Jo Lissett / Twitter)

Stonewallone of the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ rights organisations, responded on Twitter, saying: “We are very proud to be one of the LGBTQ+ charities mentioned! Thank you very much @joelycett for supporting our work for LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion in sport #RainbowLace» Joe Lycett explains that the money shredding was fake

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