PBE presents a proposal for the next phase of the US Army OMFV program

Point Blank Enterprises (PBE) has presented its package of proposals for the U.S. Army’s Augmented Manned Combat Vehicle (OMFV) program.

The PBE team includes Palantir, Renk, Roush, Cummins and Strategic Technology Consulting, as well as several small businesses.

The team used a System Based Engineering (MBSE) approach and followed the Army’s Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) standardization initiative to create the OMFV Point Blank conceptual design.

PBE Executive Vice President Mark Edwards said, “The U.S. Army’s multiphase OMFV program provides a unique opportunity for a new entrant like Point Blank to participate by combining innovation with advanced digital engineering tools.

“We are confident that Point Blank’s OMFV design, refined during Phase 2, can be implemented, is truly innovative and provides the most balanced integration of the desired capabilities.

“More specifically, we have created a combat vehicle platform that can quickly adapt to change, adopt new technologies, and enable a two-man crew to operate efficiently and effectively in the ever-increasing complexity of tomorrow’s multi-domain battlespace.”

The US Army’s OMFV is intended to replace nearly 3,800 M-2s Bradley infantry fighting vehicles (IPVs), which have been in service since 1981.

As part of a five-phase acquisition approach, the U.S. Army awarded contracts to five teams last year to advance to the second phase of program concept development.

The five teams are led by American Rheinmetall, BAE Systems, General Dynamics, Oshkosh and PBE.

U September this year, Anduril Industries joined the Americans Rheinmetall company An industrial vehicle-led team that includes Textron systems, Raytheon Technologies, L3Harris Technologiesand Allison Transmission.

In July of this year, the Army issued a formal request for proposals for the detailed design and assembly of the prototype and test phases, which are the third and fourth phases of the program.

In late FY2027, a supplier will be selected for the low rate initial production of the OMFV. PBE presents a proposal for the next phase of the US Army OMFV program

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