Partners break deadlock for FCAS/SCAF demonstrators

Garrett Jennings

An artist’s impression of the next-generation fighters and long-range aircraft carriers that lie at the heart of the next-generation weapon system element of the future combat air system. (Airbus)

The national partners leading the tri-national Future Combat Air System (FCAS)/Système de Combat Aérien du Futur (SCAF) have broken an impasse over the demonstration phase of the project.

The governments of France, Germany and Spain issued statements on Nov. 18 announcing a breakthrough in negotiations over the distribution of industrial plants that have stalled Phase 1B of the project since the start of the year, and hailing a speedy contract award.

In separate statements, the governments noted the rapid completion of Phase 1B negotiations related to the development of the Next-Generation Fighter Element (NGF), which together with the Remote Aircraft Carrier (RC) and Air Combat Cloud (ACC) makes up the next-Generation Weapon System (NGWS) element FCAS/SCAF. The upcoming signing of an industrial agreement will clear the way for the project to continue, which has been threatened by a dispute over the distribution of work between France’s Dassault and Germany’s Airbus, with Spain’s Indra in particular caught in the middle.

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