Nine people died as a result of two explosions in Russia

According to local authorities, at least nine people, including four children, were killed in Russia as a result of two large gas explosions. The first explosion occurred on the morning of Saturday (November 19) in an apartment building on the island of Sakhalin in the Far East of Russia.

At around 5:30 a.m., a part of a five-story building collapsed in Tymovskoe after the explosion of a gas cylinder. Governor of Sakhalin Oblast Valery Limarenko wrote about it Telegram that it is known that 33 people lived in the building, built in the 1980s, and some remained missing.

Limarenko added that rescuers are looking for more victims under the rubble, and residents affected by the explosion have been offered temporary shelter. In accordance with The Moscow Times“Nine people died, including four children,” he later told the Rossiya 24 television channel.

Another explosion rocked a gas pipeline near St. Petersburg, causing a large fire on Saturday morning. This was stated by the Governor Alexander Drozdenya Telegram: “There is no threat to the population and the spread of the fire to residential areas.”

The governor added that the exact cause of the fire, which appeared in a video on social media, was still under investigation. There was no mention of any suggestion of sabotage or the country’s long war with Ukraine.

Russian media RIA As reported, the Ministry of Emergency Situations stated that the cause of the explosion was “depressurization” in the pipeline, which was lowered to stop the fire. Nine people died as a result of two explosions in Russia

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