Cows and calves sold to £1300 at Lisnaskea Mart

Cows and calves sold for £1,300 this week Aberdeen Angus cow with Aberdeen Angus steer.

Heavy weanlings sold at £1,160 for a 535kg Aberdeen Angus (217lb).

The lighter ones sell for £290 per 100kg and the 200kg Charolais for £580.

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Strong weanling heifers sold to £1,190 for 590kg Hereford (£202) with lighters up to £288 per 100kg for 210kg Charolais to £605.

Producer of Aberdeen Angus Calf Aberdeen Angus to £1300 and Shorthorn Shorthorn Cow. Heifer to 1120 lbs.

Weanling steers and heifers

Fivemiletown producer 535kg Aberdeen Angus to £1160 (£217); Rosslea producer 380kg Charolais to £940. Derrylin Producer 460kg Hereford to £890, 400kg Hereford to £780 and 420kg Hereford to £730. Newtownbutler Manufacturer of 410kg Limousine to £845, 380kg Limousine to £800 and 315kg Limousine to £600. Manufacturer Rosslea 315kg Limousin to £745. Derrylin Producer: 230kg Aberdeen Angus to £605, 215kg Aberdeen Angus to £565, 200kg Aberdeen Angus to £560, 210kg Aberdeen Angus to £555 and 225kg Aberdeen Angus to £540 pounds sterling. Garrison Producer 200kg Charolais to £580 (£290) and 170kg Charolais to £470. Garrison Producer 240kg Charolais to £570.

Fivemiletown producer 590kg Hereford to £1190 (£202) and 435kg Aberdeen Angus to £910. Newtownbutler producer 370kg Charolais to £855, 420kg Charolais to £850, 385kg Charolais to £830, 350kg Charolais to £785, 365kg Aberdeen Angus to £770, 315kg Charolais to £735 and 310kg Charolais to £660. Rosslea Producer: 370kg Limousin to £785, 350kg Simmental to £760 and 340kg Limousin to £760. Manufacturer Newtownbutler 290kg Limousine to £695. Producer Tempo Charolais 210kg to £605 (£288) and Charolais 195kg to £550. Garrison Producer 250kg Charolais to £590. And 215 kg Shorthorn. up to £515. Garrison producer 180kg Charolais to £520 and 170kg Simmental to £415.

A lot more inventory is needed every week to meet the growing demand from online and in-ring competition. Cows and calves sold to £1300 at Lisnaskea Mart

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