BBC iPlayer down for thousands of users

Users report on BBC iPlayer is currently down. It happens like EnglandThe opening of the 2022 World Cup is currently underway as they clash Iran in Group B. Over 10,000 iPlayer crashes have been reported, with people coverage of problems with the streaming service on Detector down site.

The BBC’s main streaming service, iPlayer, allows viewers to watch live or catch-up shows broadcast across all its services. It also holds box sets of shows from different years, such as two pints of lager and a packet of crisps.

data with Down Detector says 40 percent of those who reported the problem said it was related to video streaming. Another 39% reported problems connecting to the server, and another 22% said the app was not working properly.

The current problems with iPlayer could be put down to a spike in traffic when England kick off against Iran at 1pm. This could have resulted in a large number of people accessing the streaming service at work, home offices or from a mobile device.

Soccer fans complained on Twitter, with one user saying: “First match, I’m so excited!!! And iplayer’s vpn failed me, so I can only watch with Korean commentary.” Another user also expressed his frustration, saying: “BBC iPlayer not working anyone? I have. We have to watch the match in an illegal broadcast. Really a new low for the BBC, poor service.’

People have also contacted Down Detector to share their problems. One user said: “BBC live updates are working but I can’t watch the broadcast because it won’t let me log in. I get the following error: “Sorry, something seems to be down right now.” Please try again in a few minutes.”

The BBC has yet to comment on the iPlayer crash at the time of publication. BBC iPlayer down for thousands of users

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