LyondellBasell Evaluates Propylene Facility Expansion Near Houston – Chemical Engineering

November 21, 2022 | By Mary Bailey

LyondellBasell Industries NV (Rotterdam, Netherlands) announced that it is evaluating the expansion of propylene production capacity at its Channelview complex near Houston, Texas. The potential expansion would include construction of a new propylene production facility using LyondellBasell’s existing technology to convert ethylene to propylene for use in the production of polypropylene and propylene oxide. Related product lines are used to make everyday items such as elastic foam for mattresses, cosmetic packaging, electrical coating for 5G network infrastructure, polyethylene film for food packaging, medical syringes, car bumpers, furniture upholstery and domestic plumbing pipes, to name a few. .

“In addition to lower carbon emissions compared to competing technologies, we believe the project has better economic performance compared to other production methods,” said Ken Lane, executive vice president of Global Olefins & Polyolefins. “The products offered as part of this investment will be an important element in helping our value chain partners achieve their long-term sustainability ambitions. In addition, this investment will allow us to be less dependent on supply and demand in the propylene market, enabling us to better serve the growing needs of our customers.”

A final investment decision on this 400,000 tonne propylene expansion project is expected to be made late next year. The annual output of the project will be 950 million pounds per year. This will increase the company’s propylene capacity at the Channelview complex by more than 35 percent and create approximately 10 to 15 new jobs. LyondellBasell Evaluates Propylene Facility Expansion Near Houston – Chemical Engineering

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