A KC-46A from the US Pease ANG completed a 36-hour endurance mission

The US Air National Guard’s 157th Pease Air Refueling Wing (ANG) is successful completed A 36-hour non-stop flight on a KC-46A Pegasus aircraft.

It is the longest US Air Mobility Command (AMC) mission to demonstrate the concept of total integration of forces. It involved both military and ANG pilots from Pisa.

AMC Commanding General Mike Minihan said, “This extended mission is another example of how capable Airmen have taken over and moved to accelerate our use of the KC-46A.

“This Total Force mission boldly underscores the imperative to think differently, change the way we do business, and provide options to the Joint Force.”

As part of a recent mission between November 16 and 17, the KC-46A Pegasus aircraft from Pease ANG Base in New Hampshire flew non-stop for 36 hours, covering about 16,000 miles.

The plane flew from New Hampshire, across North America and the Pacific Ocean, around Guam and back to base.

Throughout the mission, a human performance monitor used on board the aircraft collected quantitative data that could later be used to analyze and inform decision-making processes.

During the operation, the aircraft was refueled three times, and also supported the refueling of the aircraft F-22 fighter jet deployed in the Pacific region.

In addition, the crew used the KC-46A’s on-board communication channels to exchange information with AMC management during the flight.

The crew also tested the use of the KC-46A’s secure and unclassified networks, as well as its situational awareness systems, which can be used in a variety of combat scenarios.

AMC KC-46A Cross-functional Team Leader, Lt. Col. Joshua Renfro, said, “Pease’s completion of this mission is the third consecutive success that proves the KC-46A’s airborne resilience, building on previous 22-hour and 24-hour missions.” A KC-46A from the US Pease ANG completed a 36-hour endurance mission

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