UK government pays $2.1 billion in down payment to reduce electricity bill

Britain’s Electricity Bill Support Scheme (EBSS) last month provided $2.1 billion in first payments to more than 27 million UK households.

In accordance with new data published On 18 November, EBSS successfully delivered an $80 rebate to 97% of eligible homes in England, Scotland and Wales. The remaining 3% have not yet used their discounts.

Starting with this first transaction after EBSS launched in October, customers will receive $472 in savings on their electricity bills paid in six monthly installments. The second tranche will arrive in November and more than doubles the total amount invested in the program to $4.5 billion.

Grant Shapps, UK Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, said: “All vouchers have now been sent to customers who should have them, so I would urge anyone who uses a traditional pre-paid meter to make sure they receive their voucher from their supplier and buy them back immediately so they get the energy bill support they’re entitled to.”

The scheme, which is run by energy suppliers, has been designed so that customers get a discount just as they pay electricity billsfor example by direct debit, credit card, smart meters or classic prepaid meters.

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer James Cartledge said: “We are facing global energy crisis driven by Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, and we know this is a huge problem for people here in the UK. We have taken direct action to ensure that millions of households are protected this winter.”

Earlier this year, the government introduced new rules requiring intermediaries (landlords) to pass on savings made through EBSS and other energy support schemes to tenants who do not pay their electricity bills directly.

This winter, rebates provided in other ways and EBSS will save the average home more than $826. EBSS will continue to offer assistance for another year, starting in April 2023. Given that energy prices will remain high, this will average $590 per year for households from 2023 to 2024. UK government pays $2.1 billion in down payment to reduce electricity bill

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