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Sporty’s PJ2 handheld COM radio has been upgraded.

According to Sporty representatives, PJ2+, is the only portable aviation radio that can be plugged into standard aviation headset plugs without the use of a special adapter. It also features customer-requested upgrades, including:

  • A 3.5 mm jack that allows you to connect wired headphones or computer headsets,
  • 6W peak transmission power to maximize range, which is especially important in emergency situations,
  • Automatic noise limiter and
  • High-contrast screen with backlight and anti-glare, making it easy to read in direct sunlight.

“An emergency is not the time to look for a headset adapter or user manual to figure out how to turn on the radio,” says Sporty director of aviation products and marketing Doug Renley.

The PJ2+ comes with an alkaline battery, an antenna, a 100-240V plug, a USB-A to USB-C power cable, and a belt clip. The radio can be operated directly from the USB-C plug, using the cigarette lighter plug or a backup battery.

Headsets with standard dual plugs (PJ-055 and PJ-068) do not require an adapter; for Lemo headset/6-pin plug, an adapter is available for $39.95.

The PJ2+ COM radio now available for $249.

https://generalaviationnews.com/2022/11/21/sportys-introduces-pj2-radio/ Sporty’s Presents PJ2+ Radio — General Aviation News

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