Rice USA lays groundwork for 2023 farm bill – AgFax

From left: Betsy Ward, Rep. Benny Thompson (D-MS) and Kirk Satterfield

WASHINGTON, DC — Mississippi rice farmer and US Rice Chairman Kirk Satterfield spent the past week here walking the halls of Congress to talk about aid for rice farmers and the 2023 farm bill.

Satterfield visited lawmakers and staff from his home state, as well as the House and Senate Agriculture Committees, to reiterate the US rice industry’s plans to pass the 2023 Farm Bill and lay out a timeline for USA Rice’s policy development and advocacy.

“The rice industry has found itself on a bit of an island this year, paying outrageously high inputs and facing relatively flat market prices, and it’s vital that our farmers get the help they need to keep their heads above water and stay motivated to plant rice again next year.” , Satterfield said. “There is great concern about our farmers in California who have been sidelined by the three-year drought, which raises concerns about the long-term impact on agriculture and processing infrastructure. And as always these days, we are dealing with lower prices of rice in the world market because India has its finger on the scales.”

Satterfield also met with USA Rice staff at the organization’s Arlington office to discuss current programs and what is planned for the upcoming USA Rice Outlook conference in Austin, Texas, next month.

“I was happy to thank the people who work hard on our behalf in Washington, both at USA Rice and on Capitol Hill,” Satterfield said. “I hope that with their help, we can make a difference in the many communities that rely on rice production in the United States.” Rice USA lays groundwork for 2023 farm bill – AgFax

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