EAA AirVenture: Exploring a Vintage Aircraft Haven

EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh offers a unique opportunity to marvel at a stunning array of vintage aircraft gathered in one place. These meticulously restored machines, often privately owned and airworthy, are not just exhibits but living pieces of aviation history.

Organized by type and parked in disciplined rows, these aircraft represent some of the finest restorations globally. “Vintage in Review,” an interactive series during AirVenture, showcases specific airplanes built between 1903—the dawn of powered flight—and 1970. Scheduled from July 22-26 near the Vintage Hangar, this series allows attendees to get up close to rare aircraft and hear firsthand stories from owners, pilots, and aviation enthusiasts.

Ray Johnson, chairman of Vintage in Review, highlights the rarity of this year’s headline aircraft, some exceeding 75 years old and still airworthy—an exceptional sight for aviation enthusiasts.

The schedule features daily interviews with three pilots discussing their unique aircraft, complemented by performances such as the vocal ensemble Ladies For Liberty and demonstrations of antique engines. Aircraft highlighted include:

  • Monday, July 22: Jim Hammond – 1931 Aeronca C-3
  • Tuesday, July 23: Kelly Mahon – 1929 Cabinaire Biplane
  • Wednesday, July 24: Edwin Remsberg – 1949 Stampe Biplane, Ron Johnson – 1938 Buhl Pup
  • Thursday, July 25: Laura Benton – Ladies Love Taildraggers, Jeri Barrientos – 1929 Rose Parrakeet
  • Friday, July 26: Ben Templeton – 1937 Spartan Executive

Additionally, EAA notes other aircraft may join the schedule. More details about vintage aircraft at the show can be found here.

Special anniversaries are also being celebrated at this year’s AirVenture, including the 30th year of the Titan Tornado and Mini Max in the Ultralight Area, and the 40th anniversaries of SX300, Kitfox, and Zenith in the Homebuilt Area. The Helio Courier marks its 70th anniversary, known for pioneering short takeoff and landing (STOL) capabilities. Also celebrating is the North American T-28, in service for 75 years as a military trainer, and the Aeronca, celebrating 80 years as a classic post-WWII taildragger.

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