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Wisconsin’s corn harvest continues

Wisconsin farmers continue to harvest corn and work on fall tillage. USDA reporters say statewide, 77 percent of corn for grain harvest is complete and the average moisture content is 19 percent. As many people would suspect, the southern counties are further along, with 86% of the crop harvested in both the southeast and southwest corners of Wisconsin. Southcentral Wisconsin farmers have 84 percent of their corn in the bin. The north-central area of ​​the state saw slower progress, with only 52% of grain corn harvested.

Much of the state saw snow last week, but 95 percent of the winter wheat emerged before the cold temperatures and snow arrived.

Soil moisture is about 75% adequate and 7% surplus.

Fall work is now 77 percent complete, about three days behind last year. Wisconsin Corn Harvest Continues – Brownfield Ag News

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