The Highways Sector Council has published its Net Zero Highways plan

The Highways Sector Council (HSC) has published its new Net Zero Highways plan, in which it reveals plans to curb greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on its highways from both road users and construction and maintenance projects.

Unveiling the plan last week, the HSC said it was working to curb emissions from road users by rolling out electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, optimizing the network to support low-carbon modes of transport and working with the Department for Transport’s (Dft’s) Decarbonisation of Transport plan.

The new strategy also highlighted the need to reduce carbon emissions from capital projects, with a particular focus on cement and steel used in construction projects, and diesel emissions from factories, equipment and material transport.

In a bid to decarbonise the capital, the group said it would adhere to PAS 2080: Carbon Management and Infrastructure to help manage carbon emissions from buildings and infrastructure.

He added that he would also use his membership across the sector to accelerate the widespread adoption of PAS 2080 as a “fundamental enabler to minimize the entire road carbon footprint”.

In addition, the HSC reported that a briefing paper has been prepared to develop practical guidance and resources to help all organizations in the sector align their activities and projects with PAS 2080.

John Dixon, HSC member and head of highways at Jacobs, said the standard was already gaining traction across the highways sector and could be applied to projects of all types, sizes and stages.

“If we use this as a means to promote consistency and rapid collaboration, we’ll have a better chance of making a difference in a timely manner,” he said.

A Dft spokesman said it was “encouraging to see the Highways Sector Council working to bring industry and public authorities together, in line with the Government’s commitment to decarbonise the UK’s road network as part of the UK net zero target by 2050”.

“We are keen to see how HSC advances this work for the benefit of the sector across the industry,” they added.

https://www.businessgreen.com/news/4060518/highways-sector-council-releases-net-zero-highways-plan The Highways Sector Council has published its Net Zero Highways plan

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