Rutland Cycling is offering a free winter health check at selected shops

To help people keep riding and riding this winter, UK-owned Specialized Rutland Cycling is offering free bike health checks, at selected Rutland Cycling stores.

The service is offered on a ‘no need to book’ basis where a member of the shop’s expert team will carry out a full inspection, identifying any worn or damaged components that may be affecting the customer’s bike.

The service will be available at:

  • Rutland Cycling Leicester
  • Rutland Cycling Milton Keynes
  • Rutland Cycling Cambridge
  • Nottingham Specialist Store

The offer coincides with the time of year when fitting mudguards and buying new lights often top the cycling list, along with good visibility and waterproof clothing.

For stores making the most of customer visits, a well-provided, curated product package for winter racers remains a key element to the trade; equally true for sports racers and commuters. For both groups of riders, transmission maintenance is the cornerstone of a preventative maintenance approach, maximizing component life.

This is also due to shop staff promoting transmission cleaners and lube changes, general frame and fork cleaners, emphasizing frequent frame and fork cleaning to prevent paint damage and corrosion, and keeping a close eye on disc and brake pad wear , as well as braking surfaces (especially for rim brakes).

All in all, there’s a lot to discuss with a winter rider, especially since many winter bikes don’t get the same attention and care as they do in the summer.

https://cyclingindustry.news/rutland-cycling-offer-free-winter-health-check-at-selected-stores/ Rutland Cycling is offering a free winter health check at selected shops

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