IMOD describes plans for Phase 2 of the Carmel program

by Sonny Butterworth

Interior of the Carmel armored fighting vehicle (AFV) prototype, showing touch controls and crew placement. In the second phase, the Eitan AFV will be equipped with one panoramic screen at the front of the vehicle and four separate operator stations, each with a 24-inch screen. (Janes/Mark Casale)

The Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD) provided more details on the goals, concepts and timelines for Phase 2 of its Carmel Future Combat Vehicles (FCV) program at the SAE Media Group Future Armored Vehicles Survivability 2022 conference.

Speaking at a conference on November 17, 2022, IMOD’s Carmel FCV program team member explained that while Phase 1 focused on proving the operational feasibility of armored vehicles with two-man crews under armor, Phase 2 will expand the development of sensor fusion, artificial intelligence (AI) and network technologies to support formation-level trials with a small number of manned platforms combined with swarms of unmanned vehicles.

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