Flavor Flav gets free Southwest flights for life after Spirit Airlines crash

American rapper Flavor Flav could be on his way to a free flight for life after the incident Spirit Airlines. The incident took place in Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport, where the rapper was supposed to take a flight to Detroit. According to Flavo, the flight was oversold and he was denied boarding along with two other passengers.

Representatives for Flavo, who is also known for wearing a watch as a fashion accessory, said he usually waits to board a flight after everyone else because people like to take pictures with him because he doesn’t want to delay the boarding process. However, sources at the airport say he was busy with his laptop and didn’t get up until the doors closed.


In a video obtained by TMZ, Flavo and two other passengers can be seen standing near the check-in counter and arguing with two agents. Agents can be heard firmly telling Flavo that he didn’t arrive on time and won’t be able to board. Flav responded with increasing frustration and was asked to leave the front desk after repeatedly swearing at the wait staff. The rapper responded by taking to Twitter to call out the airline for knowingly overcharging for the flight that landed him in Sin City:

“Me, I was in line with two people in front and two people behind when they closed the door in front of all of us. They opened it again and let two people in and it upset me. They did it because they oversold the flight.”

Photo: Spirit Airline

Flave later apologized in a statement on Twitter to those who witnessed his outburst, but specifically kept it from Spirit Airlines and the gate agent.

The airline’s response

Spirit Airlines has launched an investigation into the incident after videos surfaced online showing rapper William Jonathan Drayton Jr. being denied boarding. The airline responded to his statement on Twitter, asking him to forward his confirmation number to the customer service team, which is standard practice when dealing with airline complaints.

While the discussion and outcome remain private, the rapper confirmed on Twitter that the situation with Spirit has since been resolved. There are even reports that the airline is upgrading him to lifetime gold status in the “Free Spirit” frequent flyer program. Additional status benefits include a free one-time change, first check-in and free carry-on (with extra weight of checked bag), free seat selection when booking (including exit rows), and free drinks and snacks on board.


Photo credit: Spirit Airlines

A simple flight, which was considered earlier what it’s like to fly Spirit Airlines with Gold status when the program was launched last year.

After the rapper took to Twitter with Spirit, he began justifying his choice of the low-cost carrier because it was the only nonstop option available at the last minute. In response to fans who suggested he try flying on an alternative flight, joking that he was passing on his talents to a rival Southwest Airlines.

The carrier also maintains a strong presence in Las Vegas, with direct flights to more than 60 airports from the city, including Detroit, where Flav was headed for a football game. The rapper has reportedly been an honorary flight attendant on a Southwest flight to Las Vegas in the past, so a collaboration is out of the question.

Further reports indicate that a Southwest Airlines executive approached Flavor Flav’s crew with an offer of free flights on the airline. The offer is understood to include a pass for a companion who can join him on his journeys, provided they arrive at the gate on time.

Simple Flying has reached out to representatives for Flavor Flav, Southwest Airlines and Spirit Airlines for comment.

Source: TMZ

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