United Airlines’ upcoming eVTOL revealed: The Archer Midnight

Carrier US Legacy United Airlines one step closer to reaching new heights. Last week, the airline presented the planes it plans to use electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) the debut of the service thanks to a partnership with an aircraft manufacturer Aviation Archer. Both companies also announced the first proposed route for the new aircraft a few days before.

Archer unveiled its production eVTOL aircraft, called Midnight, at an open house event in Palo Alto, Calif., on Thursday. The aircraft will carry four passengers and one pilot and is an improvement on Maker’s original demonstration aircraft. Similarly, Midnight uses innovative technology to provide a quiet, sustainable and safe alternative to helicopters.


A silent electric flight is about to take off

Midnight is expected to be a game-changer in the industry and bring convenience to travelers in big cities. Archer said the new plane is optimized for back-to-back trips of short distances of about 20 miles at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour with charging times of about 10 minutes between them.

The plane is designed to fly at an altitude of about 2,000 feet, with a unique design that allows ground-level noise to be measured at about 45 decibels (dBA), nearly 1,000 times quieter than a helicopter, according to the manufacturer. In addition, the Midnight spins 12 small propellers rather than one large rotor at much lower tip speeds, resulting in much lower noise levels.

Adam Goldstein, Founder and CEO of Archer Aviation, said:

“From day one, Archer’s strategy has always been to find the most efficient way to commercialize eVTOL aircraft. We believe that our strategy and the ability of the team to execute it have allowed us to take a leading position in the market, and therefore we are confident that we will be the first company to certify an eVTOL aircraft in the US with the FAA.”

The first route has been announced

On November 10, United and Archer announced that New York will be the first route to begin commercial eVTOL operations. Midnight will fly between Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and a helipad in midtown Manhattan, New York, directly above Battery Park at Pier 6, connecting travelers directly to the city from the airport’s major hub.

According to Archer, the heliport has been confirmed as the first planned takeoff and landing site as part of the company’s broader launch plan Urban Air Mobility (UAM) networks throughout New York Capital region.

“We are pleased to confirm that New York will be the first of many routes we will announce with United as we work to build our national UAM network,” – said Goldstein. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with United and working closely with state and local leaders in the New York and New Jersey area as we bring this exciting new form of transportation to life.”

The perfect city for a debut

The location of the EWR airport suits United to streamline the first-of-its-kind UAM network. The airline will be able to serve the surrounding communities and areas of New Jersey in addition to bustling Manhattan.

The mayor of New York, Eric Adams, spoke about the proposed service.

“We are thrilled that Archer and United Airlines have decided to launch their first route right here in our New York City. We want New York to be a place of bold innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, and I encourage other companies to follow suit.”

Archer said the trip from the midtown Manhattan helipad to EWR Airport is estimated to take less than 10 minutes. A similar journey by car can take over an hour or more during peak hours.

Photo: Archer Aviation

Michael Leskinen, president of United Airlines Ventures, said the partnership with Archer will benefit the airline and its customers.

“Once operational, electric air taxis will fundamentally change the way United customers experience comfort, convenience and efficiency during airport travel. Archer’s route from New York to Newark is another important benchmark for delivering a carbon-neutral and safe journey that dramatically reduces travel time and produces a fraction of the sound made by helicopters.”

Archer plans to expand its UAM network to communities across the U.S. once launch routes between major centers and cities are established. The company is working on FAA certification of Midnight in late 2024, hoping to launch service in 2025.

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