Farmers across Northern Ireland are being urged to be vigilant due to reports of cold calls

Head of Rural Crime, Superintendent Johnston McDowell, said: “A well-known cause for concern among rural communities in Northern Ireland is the threat posed by criminals traveling through the countryside looking for opportunities to steal farm equipment and vehicles.” “Those who live in rural areas. should not be complacent and I would urge them to carry out regular farm stock checks to ensure that their property and livestock are always safe. a lot now, and it is very important to increase the security of time and attention, especially as the night approaches. as to what their visit entails. Genuine visitors will not agree to the request, they will simply present identification that proves who they are and explain the purpose of their visit.

“If a visitor refuses to produce ID, ask them to leave and contact the police immediately. In the event of intimidation or threats, the police may record the incident and proceed with the investigation.

“If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the police on 101. Alternatively, you can make a report online using our non-emergency report form via makeareport/.

Those who live in rural areas should not be complacent.

“We want rural communities to understand that we take the issue of cold calling very seriously and that with their support in reporting these incidents we can reduce this type of crime,” he added.

UFU Deputy President William Irvine commented: “It is very worrying to learn that the Police Service of Northern Ireland has received a large number of reports of crime in rural areas in recent weeks.

“Criminals not only take advantage of dark nights, but also call farms during the day, pretending to be employees of agricultural enterprises.

“I can’t stress enough how important it is for farmers to be aware of farm visitors and ask for ID when someone comes unexpectedly.”

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The Ulster Farmers Union is urging members to identify farm visitors as rural crime rises Farmers across Northern Ireland are being urged to be vigilant due to reports of cold calls

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