Elbit will supply a self-defense helicopter system to the Asia-Pacific region

The Israeli defense company Elbit Systems signed a contract for 200 million dollars to deliver its self-defense helicopter complex to an undisclosed country in the Asia-Pacific region.

The four-year agreement provides for the supply of Elbit electronic warfare and airborne laser technologies that increase the survivability and effectiveness of military helicopters against “shoulder-mounted thermally guided anti-aircraft missiles.”

The self-defense complex will be installed on both attack and service helicopters.

“Globally, the demand for airborne defense solutions is increasing as aircraft, especially helicopters, face an increasing threat from anti-aircraft missiles,” President and CEO Bezhalel Machlis said.

“Our portfolio of complex yet mature capabilities positions us well to meet this growing need.”

Onboard self-defense

The Elbit airborne self-defense system has “advanced, integrated and modular” electronic warfare solutions that improve the defensive capabilities of all aircraft platforms.

Technology includes Passive Infrared Airborne Warning System (PAWS IR) and Mini-MUSIC Direct Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) system.

Battle-proven warning system

Weighing less than 20 kilograms (44 pounds), the PAWS family of systems is equipped with a variety of threat detection and tracking features to enhance survivability in all weather and visibility conditions.

The LCD-centric system includes collision warning and better situational awareness thanks to real-time image processing and display.

PAWS is also capable of rapidly, high-precision, automatic control of all available onboard countermeasures against approaching threats.

Laser defense systems

The company’s DIRCM system features advanced laser technology integrated into a high frame rate thermal camera and a small dynamic mirror turret to provide robust protection.

The 19-kilogram (43-pound) MUSIC mini system features an open architecture that allows for seamless integration into any type of aircraft.

Mini-MUSIC is also compatible with any missile attack warning system and other aircraft defenses. Elbit will supply a self-defense helicopter system to the Asia-Pacific region

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