Absolute champion sells for up to £3,400 at Hilltown Christmas Show and Sale

Hilltown management and staff Trading yard would like to take this opportunity to thank all the buyers and sellers and local sponsors: Joseph Walls Ltd, Milestone Rathfriland, Bank Of Ireland, ABP Newry, Daly Park and Co, Rory McShane Solicitors, Prime Stock, Tullyherron Feeds, Frazer Feeds, Martin Mallon Contracts, Dunbia, Fane Valley, Harrison Contracts, Clonduff Bar, Hilltown Meats, GOH Electrical, McCullough Butchers Rathfriland, Peter McGinn Oil, Morne Leak Finders, Rathfriland Vets and Colin Reid who all help contribute to the success of this event. .

Also thanks to Eamon McGarry, the judge on the day, and thanks to the auctioneers, Ciaran Laverty, Gerry Campbell, John Bassett, Raymond O’Kane and Jimmy Annett.

Thanks again to everyone who donated to the fundraiser this evening. All the money collected went to the Hospice of the Southern District. Hilltown Mart kindly donated a heifer which was sold in the charity auction on the evening. Before the sale, there was a “Guess the weight of the heifer” raffle. The heifer was later sold to Liam O’Rourke for £1,750 and the shop simply thanks Liam for his kind donation and wishes him well with his purchase. A total of £3,700 was raised for the hospice and the store thanks everyone for their generosity and donations on the night.

Absolute Champion and Housewife’s Choice exhibited by Arthur and Aliza Callaghan, pictured with judge Eamon McGarry and shop manager John Farnan

Finally, Hilltown Saleyard would like to thank everyone who exhibited cattle that night, congratulates everyone on their purchases and wishes them the best of luck in the future.

The results of the evening were as follows:

The overall champion (sponsored by Joseph Walls Ltd) and house wife’s choice (sponsored by Frazer Feeds) was a Charolais heifer, presented by Arthur and Aliza Callaghan, which sold for £3,400 and was purchased by Cunningham’s Butchers. Kilkeel.

The reserve champion (sponsored by Bank of Ireland) and 1st place in the beef heifer class was a Charolais heifer presented by Kevin and Blaine O’Hare, which sold for £2,100 and was purchased by James Annett.

A packed ring on Tuesday night at Hilltown Saleyard’s annual Christmas Show and Sale saw the overall champion exhibited by A and A Callaghan sell for £3,400

Beef Heifer Class (Fane Valley Sponsor) 1st K and B O’Hare £2100 for 704kg 2nd Niall Doyle £2700 for 678kg 3rd K and B O’Hare £2850 for 784 kg, 4th Christopher Brown £3000 for 756kg, 5th Jack Miskelly £3250 and 5th Jade Tumilty £2350 for 664kg.

Beef Steer Class (Sponsor Dunbia) 1st Niall Doyle £2,500 for 790kg 2nd Niall Doyle £2,450 for 742kg 3rd Tommy Doyle £2,150 for 738kg and 4th Tommy Doyle £2,500 for 754kg.

Fat Cow Class (Sponsor Harrison Contracts) 1st Gerard Magee £1,820 for 746kg and 2nd Martin and Pascal McGinn £2,250 for 898kg.

Heifer class: 1st Frank Russell, 2nd Mr T White, 3rd Mary McMullan £1,000 for 380kg.

First place in the beef class exhibited by Niall Doyle pictured with Chelsea Turley, judge Eamon McGarry and shop manager John Farnan

Weaned Bull Class (Frank Reid Sponsor) 1st Jade Tumilty £1660 for 482kg 2nd Gerard Magee £1400 for 476kg 3rd Brian Fitzpatrick £940 for 346kg and 4th Brian Fitzpatrick £900.

Other prices from the night were as follows:

Fat Cows: Rostrevor Farmer £2,250 for 898kg Belgian Blue (251ppk), Rostrevor Farmer £1,820 for Charolais 746kg (244ppk), Rostrevor Farmer £1,680 for 804kg Limousin (209ppk), Rostrevor Farmer £1,590 for Charolais 864 kg (184ppk), Kilkeel Farmer £1,550 for 790kg Limousin (196pk), Hilltown Farmer £1,540 for 834kg Charolais (185pk) and Rostrevor Farmer £1,440 for Belgian Blue 706 kg (204 virgins per piece).

Weanling Heifers: Ballynahinch Farmer £1010 for 448kg (225ppk), Castlewellan Farmer £1000 for 380kg (263ppk), Camlough Farmer £920 for 416kg (221ppk), Castlewellan Farmer £840 for 376kg (223ppk), Ballynahinch. farmer £750 for 254kg ( 295ppk), Ballynahinch farmer £740 for 300kg (246ppk), Kilkeel farmer £630 for 230kg (274ppk) and Kilkeel farmer £590 for 208kg (283ppk).

First place in fat cow class, Gerard Magee pictured with judge Eamon McGarry, sponsor Danny Harrison and shop manager John Farnan

Weaned steers: Rostrevor Farmer £1400 for 476kg (294ppk), Cabra Farmer £1000 for 422kg (237ppk), Rostrevor Farmer £940 for 346kg (272ppk), Attical Farmer £930 for 388kg ( 239ppk), Rostrevor farmer £900 for 380kg (237ppk), Attical farmer £880 for 380kg (232ppk), Ballynahinch farmer £710 for 226kg (314ppk), Ballynahinch farmer £700 for 262kg (267ppk) and Kilkeel farmer £610 for 240kg (254ppk).

Heifers: Kilkeel Farmer £3,400 Charolais 788kg (431ppk), Drumaness Farmer £3,250 Simmental, Hilltown Farmer £3,020 for 654kg Belgian Blue (462ppk), Hilltown Farmer £3,000 for 756kg Limousin (397ppk). Hilltown £2,850 Charolais 784kg. (363ppk), Hilltown Farmer £2,700 for 678kg Limousine (398ppk), Kilkeel Farmer £2,450 for 700kg Limousine (350ppk), Annaclone Farmer £2,350 for 664kg Limousine (354ppk), Kilkeel Farmer £2,100 for 694kg Limousine (302ppk), Kilkeel Farmer £2,100 for 582kg Limousine (361ppk), Hilltown Farmer £2,100 for 704kg Charolais (298ppk), Kilkeel Farmer £2,080 for 724kg Limousine (287ppk), Kilkeel Farmer £ 1920 for 652kg Charolais (294ppk), Hilltown Farmer £1900 for 630kg Charolais ( 301ppk), Kilkeel Farmer £1690 for 624kg Aberdeen Angus (271ppk), Rostrevor Farmer £1650 for 536kg Limousin (308ppk) and a Hilltown farmer £1,600 for a 580kg limousine (276ppk).

Bulls: Hilltown Farmer £2500 for 790kg Charolais (316ppk), Rostrevor Farmer £2500 for 754kg Limousin (332ppk), Hilltown Farmer £2450 for 742kg Limousin (330ppk), Rostrevor Farmer £2150 for 738kg Limousine (291ppk), Ballymartin Farmer £1760. for 622kg Limousin (283ppk), Annaclone farmer £1660 for 482kg Limousin (344ppk), Ballymartin farmer £1570 for 702kg Simmental (224ppk), Kilkeel farmer £1570 for 548kg Limousin (277ppk), Kilkeel farmer £1460 for 530kg 75ppk ) and Ballymartin farmer £1430 for 596kg Blonde d’Aquitaine (240ppk).

Reserve Champion and First Place Beef Heifer Class Exhibited by Kevin and Blaine O’Hare, pictured with Judge Eamon McGarry and Store Manager John Farnan
First place in the weaner class, Frank Russell pictured with judge Eamon McGarry and shop manager John Farnan Absolute champion sells for up to £3,400 at Hilltown Christmas Show and Sale

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