The Bundeswehr is planning new Boxer variants

Nicholas Fiorenzo

The two JFSTsw prototypes ordered by OCCAR in September 2021 are to be delivered in 2024-2026, followed by 20 vehicles in 2028-31. (KMW)

Lt. Col. Karlheinz Bönke, Multi-Role Armored Vehicle (MRAV) representative at the German Army’s Concept and Capability Development Center, presented the Bundeswehr’s plans for new versions of the Boxer armored vehicle on the second day of the SAE Media Group Future Armored Vehicles Survivability 2022 conference in London on November 16-17 .

In addition to the armored personnel carrier, command post (CP), ambulance and driver trainer options, the Bundeswehr plans an extended heavy vehicle (HWC), joint forward support schwer (heavy, JFSTsw), extended air defense of all weapons. (EAAAD) and CP (digital) versions of Boxer, Lt. Col. Behnke said.

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