Space Force to re-contract for integration of shared-use payload

The new purchase is a continuation of the $94 million Launch Manifest systems integration contract that Parsons Corp. won in 2019.

WASHINGTON – The US Space Systems Command has begun a market study for its next procurement of payload integration services, according to information request published on November 18.

The space force is seeking industry interest in a competition for a multi-year contract to integrate and operate shared-use payloads for national security and other U.S. government missions.

This purchase will be a continuation of the purchase 94 million dollars Run the Manifest Systems Integration (LMSI) contract that Parsons Corp. won in 2019. The new competition will start in 2024. The engineering and infrastructure firm integrates small satellites as secondary payloads for national security or civilian space missions. The company works a integration of SmallSAT facility in Torrance, California.

The Space Systems Command “is seeking to identify sources capable of providing demonstration, integration, and operations services for multiple missions beginning in fiscal year 2025, and is requesting more detailed information on each vendor’s capabilities, business case analysis, and alternative approaches,” RFI said. . Answers are accepted until December 16.

Under contract to the Space Force Mission Manifesto Office, Parsons built the payload for several missionsincluding NASA and the US Geological Survey Landsat 9which carried four cubesats from other US government agencies.

The U.S. Air Force established the Mission Manifest Office in 2018 to maximize opportunities for joint travel on national security space missions. Traditionally, large satellites were partially self-launched due to security concerns. The first multi-manifest mission was the EZ-1 Advanced Ultra High Frequency Flight System (AEHF)-5 which was launched in 2019. Space Force to re-contract for integration of shared-use payload

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