Only 3 airlines operate long-haul flights with the Boeing 757-200

Here are the 757-200 long-haul routes this week.

The 757-200 operates very few long-haul flights these days, where I define “long-distance‘ as any route of 3,000 miles (4,828 km) or more. An analysis of Cirium’s data shows it has just 79 long-haul services on 13 routes November 21 and 27. For context: the 737 MAX 8, MAX 9 and A321neo, the much more economical types, have over 700 flights and over 65 routes.

757-200 long haul this week

Only three carriers participate in 79 flights: United (50), Icelandair (17), and Russia Azur Air (12). While Delta had it last winter and summer, it’s gone. And as of writing Nov. 21, Delta has nothing planned for the future.


About 15 airports in seven countries are operating long-haul 757-200 flights this week. Denver has the most (20), followed by Newark (11). Indeed, 60% of services are to/from the US.

The comparison with a similar week in 2019 is insightful. Then the 757-200 made 202 long-haul flights involving seven airlines, 41 airports and 15 countries. United was still the number one carrier and the US was the leading country. How far the 757 has inevitably fallen is due to both the transition to much more economical equipment and the withdrawal of equipment caused by the coronavirus.

Icelandair Boeing 757-23N TF-FIC

Photo: Vincenzo Pace I Simple Flying.

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The longest 757 route this week is between Keflavik and Portland, Oregon. It is actually served 4 times a week, but the 757-200 is only used on half of the flights – the rest are on MAX 8.

The route is as follows, always local. Please note the check-out time in “arrival time of departure” mode. Note also that the serviceable aircraft remains in Portland for 21 hours and 45 minutes. That means arriving home early the next morning to maximize connectivity over Iceland. With this schedule, passengers can connect throughout Europe. If they couldn’t, the route wouldn’t be viable.

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