How to boost your Instagram page with the paid services: opportunities that bought followers give

 Instagram’s popularity doesn’t stop growing: every second people upload here over 1000 posts and over 500 million of stories – just imagine the scale of this platform and what it can give to people who want to advertise and sell something here. Yes, IG is not only the platform for sharing memories and memes with friends, it is far more than this. Using professional services you can easily outgrow your competitors and reach nice results: in this article we’re going to tell you how you can do it.

We’re going to review how to boost your IG page using the paid services, especially an opportunity to buy Instagram followers – this option can help you with building up a base and a reputation that you’re going to be able to rely on later, during the rest of your promotional actions.

Where to begin

 If you’re totally new to Instagram, it is best to start with filling your profile up with interesting content – posts, reels (these are extremely good to use if you don’t want to put in your promotion money yet but willing to try to do things yourself), IGTVs and stories. These are the four formats that you should be using to put forward all the info you want and need your potential audience to see. If you’re running a business page, you should be very passionate about filming reels, as these are considered the most efficient free promotional tools that take only some of your creativity and time.

Why it is best to buy subs in the beginning

 Some people say that you can and should purchase subscribers only after some time has passed that you’ve been managing your page; but that’s far from the truth. Actually, the best time is right in the beginning, when you don’t yet have enough subscribers to use any other promotional services that require bigger investments and lots of money in particular.

A chance to buy real Instagram followers should be used at the start: this way you will be able to create a wholesome base for your profile and make other people believe that your content is already valued by many others and that it is interesting to review. This way, when you’re going to add PR from bloggers and targeted Insta ads to the game, you won’t be doubting the fact that people who will come to you because of those will subscribe. They will, because your profile is going to be “weighty and mighty” enough.

What else to add to the paid subs option

 Don’t forget that there is a targeted ad from IG itself – basically, if you’re aiming high, this should always be running in the “background” of your profile; you should never stop it. Surely, the thing is expensive, but you can from time to time lower the price to save up a little bit. But never make it stop – this way you will fall out of your potential audience’s sight.


Use free and paid options, but be smart about the expectations and reality: free ones will never bring you the same level of stability and tempo of your page’s growth. Combine them for the best results in the shortest time span possible!

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