Bermuda is removing the entry fee and travel authorization form for Americans

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After lifting all travel restrictions earlier this year after two years of strict protocols, the island paradise of Bermuda is going one step further and waiving both entry fees and travel permits for Americans and other foreigners. From now on, the only requirement is to complete the Bermuda Arrival Card applies to tourists arriving by air.

Aerial view of Bermuda on the Caribbean Sea

A British overseas territory known for its pink sand beaches and turquoise oceans, Bermuda has always been a popular stop on many cruise itineraries departing from North America. In recent years, it has also been gaining strength as a autonomous appointment thanks to its fascinating culture and extensive list of attractions.

In addition, the Pearl of the Caribbean harmonizes travel regulations at all points of entry and makes it easier for passengers to enter:

Beach houses in Bermuda, Caribbean Sea

Bermuda authorities are making air travel easier

While Caribbean cruises have always been hassle-free, with cruise guests allowed to visit the various islands completely without special requirements, different rules usually apply to air travelers. For example, they must carry a valid passport and meet other entry conditions, which until November 15 included a Travel Authorization (TA) form.

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Colorful shops in Bermuda, British Overseas Territory

Since that date, however, The Government of Bermuda has harmonized the border regulations between the various points of entry, officially eliminating the TA requirement and, with it, the associated $40.00 fee. The uniform was originally planned to be discontinued on November 30, but the local authorities decided to move the date ahead of the high season.

this year, The Caribbean is the most fashionable place for Americanswith Cancun and Punta Cana leading reservations in the region. Naturally, smaller centers such as Bermuda are riding the wave of the revival of Pan-Caribbean tourism: through a statement, the government confirmed that it hopes the move ‘simplify the overall experience for visitors.

Bermuda is officially back to normal before the pandemic

Picturesque houses on the waterfront of Bermuda

The TA form was the last vestige of the territory’s now-defunct strict Covid policy, replacing the previous Bermuda Arrival Card (BAC), which was free and did not include a health questionnaire. once again Americans flying to Bermuda will be allowed to present a BAC insteadin addition to not having any health screening on arrival:

  • Vaccination certificates are not required
  • No pre-departure tests
  • There is no pre-flight medical check-in
  • No quarantine at destination
Happy traveler watching the planes at the airport

Unlike a terminated TA, BACs do not charge a fee and are not part of the application process. They are is issued automatically after filling out the form, as a download link or via email. Interestingly, the absence of a completed BAC form is not necessarily an obstacle to boarding a plane bound for Bermuda:

Paper copies or “pink forms” will be available for those flying in if they forget to register in advance. On the other hand, those who have already obtained their BAC do not need to complete the “pink form”. In addition to organizing trips, the island authorities are trying to collect relevant data about visitors (for statistical purposes only).

Bermuda authorities are making travel easier for Americans

US passport

Whether they choose an online version or a hard copy at the airport, filling out the form shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, although it is highly recommended to do so in advance as it will undoubtedly save time at customs. The measure applies to Americans, Canadians, British citizens and any non-residents arriving by plane only.

Speaking to the press, the interim chief executive officer of the Bermuda Tourism Authority said Bermuda’s tourism industry “fully supports the decision” to lift the latest public health emergency orders in the territory. Moving forward, the island will begin to return to normal life before COVID-19, a move applauded by industry and vacationers alike.

Aerial view of a beach resort in Bermuda

In addition to pink beaches and classic Caribbean views, Bermuda is home to a large complex called the Royal Naval Dockyard, where guests can swim with dolphins and learn about Bermuda’s rich maritime history. Other attractions include sailing tours along the island, scuba diving around the shipwreck and the famous Crystal & Fantasy Caves.

Bermuda arrival card one page form is at this link.

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