Airbnb has named Kuta Bali as the most sought-after destination for the winter of 2022

The accommodation and travel company Airbnb has named the most popular tourist destinations for the winter of 2022. According to Airbnb, Kuta is the most sought-after destination in Bali.

It’s easy to see why Kuta na Airbnb’s top listing. Due to its many amenities for those looking for a winter break, Kuta has long been considered the premier holiday destination in Bali.

The opportunity to spend time in Kuta is hard to pass up when the area is home to some of the world’s most famous beaches, stunning accommodations and an environment almost entirely designed for the comfort of visitors from around the world.

The famous beach destination has edged out some other well-known Christmas holiday destinations. Kuala Lumpur came second, followed by Ipanema and Angra dos Reis in Brazil. Bangkok came in fifth, ahead of Sydney and Singapore. Malaga, a famous coastal resort in Spain, came in eighth place, Melbourne in ninth, and Pattaya, Thailand, rounded out the top 10.

Kuta now has more searches than Bangkok and Pattaya, which is great news for Bali’s deputy governor, Kok Ace, who has been open about his displeasure with tourists choosing Thailand over Bali.

He noted that airfares to Thailand had dropped in recent months, while passengers said in online communities that Thailand’s free 30-day visa on arrival was the deciding factor.

On the other hand, according to the Airbnb website, “Airbnb is partnering with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to promote Bali as part of our Live and work anywhere program designed to highlight great global destinations for remote work. The Indonesian province has been paving the way as a leading destination for budding digital nomads for years.”

The digital visa for Bali nomads took some time. Sandiago Uno, Indonesia’s tourism and creative economy minister, said in September that digital nomads are allowed to live in Bali for up to six months at a time using the B211a socio-cultural visa. Airbnb has named Kuta Bali as the most sought-after destination for the winter of 2022

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