ZTE and China Mobile are launching an intelligent SPN fault diagnosis system

ZTE Corporation and China Mobile’s Liaoning Branch tested the rules / policy-based SPN Intelligent Error Diagnosis System on the ZENIC ONE Intelligent Management, Monitoring and Analysis Platform (UME) and deployed it throughout Liaoning Province in China.

The 4G system, co-developed by ZTE and China Mobile, organizes diagnostic flow policy through innovative flexible programming of fault diagnosis rules. In this way, the intelligent control and monitoring system can respond quickly and meet the requirements of personnel for operation and maintenance to carry out fault localization at the minute level.

In the traditional operation of the PTN / SPN network, it is difficult to develop rules for the relativity of alarms, so the location of significant faults depends on the experience of senior operation and maintenance engineers. Diagnosis usually takes several hours with low efficiency. ZTE has found a new way to diagnose faults to flexibly organize diagnostic rules and policies according to service scenarios to improve the effectiveness of fault diagnosis and localization.

Based on the ZENIC ONE cloud and microservice architecture (UME), ZTE integrates the SPN Intelligent Diagnostic System into ZENIC ONE (UME) as an independent tool. This system uses a knowledge graph to construct diagnostic rules and develop a diagnostic process using a series of sprayed diagnostic rules that can be independently programmed by Drools. At the same time, the system adopts jBPM workflow schedules and flexibly organizes rules and policies for different service scenarios, allowing one-touch quick diagnostics and location of 4G and 5G base station trunk services.

ZTE and China Mobile tested the system fault diagnosis function in the 4G and 5G base station interrupt and packet loss scenarios in the existing network in Liaoning Province. Faults are successfully identified by reversing and reviewing the error history. Fault detection time is reduced from hours to minutes, and graphical diagnostics policies and flows are completed in one touch. The system significantly reduces the difficulties of operation and maintenance in the existing network and significantly increases the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

In the future, ZTE and China Mobile will continue to use artificial intelligence technology to promote self-learning systems and enrich application scenarios such as mobile applications. On this basis, both parties will further implement closed-loop management from fault diagnosis to automatic resumption of service, as well as push stand-alone networks to extend the guarantee of service from L2 to L3.

https://www.retailnews.asia/zte-and-china-mobile-launch-spn-intelligent-fault-diagnosis-system/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=zte-and-china-mobile-launch-spn-intelligent-fault-diagnosis-system ZTE and China Mobile are launching an intelligent SPN fault diagnosis system

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