Xi Jinping calls for greater development of the rule of law in China

Chairman Xi Jinping called on the rule of law to play a greater role in China’s economic and social development in an essay published by China’s Communist Party (CCP) leading theoretical journal.

“If the rule of law rises, then the people rise, if the rule of law is strong, then the nation is strong,” Xi wrote in an essay published on February 16 by Tyushi (求 是) entitled “Continuing the path of socialism with the Chinese. Rule of Law for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics ”(

“China is currently in a key period of achieving the renaissance of the Chinese people and profoundly promoting external discovery … it needs to make better use of the rule of law in consolidating the foundations, stabilizing expectations and attracting the long term.

«[We] should deepen the rule of law reform and deepen the comprehensive subsidiary reform of the judiciary with a focus on enabling people to have a sense of fairness and fairness with respect to every regulatory system, every enforcement decision and every judicial case.

Stressing the need for reforms, Xi also stressed the need for China to pave its own path regardless of Western models.

«[We] absolutely cannot allow reform to become a benchmark of Western legal systems and a persecution of Western legal practice.

«[We] must use legal methods to fight internationally … firmly and comprehensively promote domestic and foreign rule of law, strengthen foreign law, and further improve laws and regulations against sanctions and interference, promoting the development of China’s legal system, which has an application outside its jurisdiction ”.

The essay also calls for “speeding up legislation in key areas,” with a special focus on national security and the digital economy, and for complementing and strengthening national CCP laws and internal rules. Xi Jinping calls for greater development of the rule of law in China

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