Woolworths is launching composite packages for products in SA

Woolworths has unveiled locally produced fruit and vegetable composting packages at its stores in South Australia.

The company believes the transition could help divert 70 tons of plastic waste from landfills each year. Compost bags can be thrown away in home compost pits made with your own hands, or in green containers for garden waste provided by the municipality.

Organic bags are manufactured in South Australia by Biobag and will be available at the Fruit and Vegetables Retail Department along with reusable nylon bags available in three packages. Bags can also be used as liners in “kitchen caddies” provided with scrap metal.

Assistant State Manager of Woolworths South Australia Elisha Moore says the shift represents a “big breakthrough” in sustainable purchases for customers in the state.

“South Australia is a leader in the nation in household access to composting provided by the council, so it’s a great place to launch sustainable initiatives such as these new bags,” Moore said.

South Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Environment Minister Susan Close welcomed the initiative and said South Australia was a “logical choice” for Woolworths.

“All of our metropolitan councils in Adelaide take food waste into their green containers, as do many regional and suburban councils. No other state in Australia has the level of waste and recycling available to households, ”she said.

The retailer is also working to ensure that 100 percent of its own packaging can be recycled, reused and composted by the end of next year.

https://www.retailnews.asia/woolworths-launches-compostable-produce-bags-in-sa/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=woolworths-launches-compostable-produce-bags-in-sa Woolworths is launching composite packages for products in SA

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