Wisconsin Rental Seed Drills Stay Busy


Wisconsin Rental Seed Drills Stay Busy

Wisconsin counties rent no-till drills to make it easier for farmers to plant a variety of crops.

Greg Leonard of the Eau Claire County Land Conservation Department has three seed boxes in the Brownfield to help farmers plant crops, waterways, feed and other seed mixtures without making significant investments. He said he had acquired the Great Plains Drill for Feet. “Our local farmer needed a no-till drill, but there was nothing in the county that he could actually rent, so he found a grant, collected grants and donations, and last spring, spring. I actually bought this no-till drill in 2020. There is no no-till cultivation in 2020. “

According to Leonard, this drill has been very popular since it was purchased last fall. “Last year we reached 500 acres. Already this spring we have over 600 acres. Perhaps we need another 400-500 acres this fall for sowing in late summer. Will be. “

According to Leonard, rents are on acres and farmers need a hydraulic 75 horsepower tractor to use it.

For rental details, see Website. Wisconsin Rental Seed Drills Stay Busy

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