Wisconsin grew more beans, peas and squash in ’21


Wisconsin grew more beans, peas and squash in ’21

Wisconsin’s green bean, pumpkin and pea production was higher in 2021, while sweet corn and carrot production was declining.

The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service says Wisconsin remains the largest producer of snap beans, harvesting more than 52,000 acres, accounting for nearly 6.7 million. It’s more than the next three states, New York, Michigan and Oregon combined.

Wisconsin ranks third nationally in sweet corn production, even with a decline in total corn production by 2020. Total sweet corn processed in 2021 was nearly 30,000 tons less than in 2020, but the market fresh rose by over 30 thousand weight.

Pumpkin production increased considerably in 2021, with 263 thousand weights harvested. It is more than in 2020, 147 thousand hundred pounds.

Green pea production increased by over 70 thousand weight, to 1,196 thousand weight.

The USDA says Wisconsin also produced more than eight million cabbages and 841,000 cucumbers last year. Wisconsin grew more beans, peas and squash in ’21

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