Why El Salvador is the most fashionable country to travel to in 2022

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Why all the talk El Salvador is the main new travel destination in Latin America? Due to the noise of bitcoins, the easing of travel restrictions and, of course, the incredible surroundings to explore, the country is experiencing a major tourist boom that cannot be ignored.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to to visit El Salvador in 2022.

a surfer rides the waves on a beach in El Salvador
Surf City: Why El Salvador is the most fashionable country to travel to in 2022

What are the travel restrictions in El Salvador?

El Salvador was the first country to repeal all entry requirements and lifted all travel restrictions last November, yes proof of vaccination or a negative test is not required for entry. Entering El Salvador in 2022 is similar to visiting in 2019 when it comes to border entry rules.

Once inside El Salvador, there is very little however, the limitations associated with Covid, masks are still needed in most indoor areas. Ease of entry rules in El Salvador and the lack of restrictions within the country have greatly increased the country’s popularity among those seeking a freer lifestyle or a hassle-free holiday.

Travelers from the US, Canada and the UK can visit El Salvador without a visa for up to 90 days. Upon arrival at the airport you will need to purchase a tourist card for $ 12, which will also allow you to visit neighboring Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

San Salvador, El Salvador. The town square is a front view with a memorial sculpture of Captain General Gerard Barrios of 1909, against the backdrop of trees and people passing by. Ahead acting fountain throws jets of water into the air. Clear blue sky in the background .. church on a floral route
Ruta de las Flores: why El Salvador is the most fashionable country to travel to in 2022

El Salvador: the first nation of Bitcoin

Last September, El Salvador went down in history as the first country to accept the cryptocurrency bitcoin as a legal tender. The nation has officially used the U.S. dollar as its main currency since 2001, after it failed column.

El Salvador President Naib Bukele was elected in 2019 and became one of the leaders of the historic decision. Leaders of the crypto industry recently met with the president to discuss the country’s options when it comes to bitcoin, in preparation for CrytoWorldCon, which is due to take place in April this year in Miami.

The change has also undoubtedly aroused the interest of crypto traders and enthusiasts around the world as they seek visit El Salvador to see how cryptocurrency is implemented across the country. Following the decision in September, some of our readers reported being able to use bitcoin to buy food and merchandise at some major online restaurants.

cartoon bitcoin with the flag of El Salvador in the background
Bitcoin: why El Salvador is the most fashionable country to travel to in 2022

What is it like to travel to El Salvador

Often ignored by other Central American countries such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama, more and more travelers are looking for El Salvador in 2022. And for good reason.

El Salvador is happy with many wonderful natural and cultural attractions. There are a number in the country beautiful beaches along its Pacific coast, not to mention Mayan ruins, 25 volcanoes and 14 lakes. When planning a trip here, you will be amazed at how much you can fill in your itinerary through El Salvador.

The country is divided into Central, Eastern and Western El Salvador. In Central you will find the capital of San Salvadorthe main city of Western El Salvador Santa Ana and the largest city in Eastern El Salvador San Miguel.

EL Tunco Beach, a popular place in El Salvador

Moving around El Salvador

Many travelers land at the international airport near the capital San Salvador, and choose a private taxi to one of the major beach towns; or yes El Tunca or El Cook Beach in the San Miguel region. The trip should cost between $ 35 and $ 40.

Local buses, also known as “chicken buses” throughout Central America, are colorful school bus-style vehicles that connect people to the cities and towns of El Salvador. They are cheap and frequent, and are worth tourists in between $ 0.35- $ 1.00 per trip. It is important to exercise some caution when riding buses, as they will be crowded and petty crimes do not occur.

There is also the option to rent a car for your trip, and major Alamo or Hertz companies are available. The country’s train system was suspended in 2002.

mountain in El Salvador

Travel to El Salvador: what to see and do

Beaches, volcanoes, historic ruins, delicious food and even hot springs – it’s time to fall in love with El Salvador. Here are some key places and hidden gems to check out while traveling.

El Tunca in La Libertad: A popular beach town in western El Salvador where you can find resorts and other hotels for any budget. Dip your finger here before heading to more remote corners of the country.

This area is also known as “surf city” and is part of why El Salvador is becoming one of the best surfing spots in the world. You can also arrange a trip to nearby waterfalls and hot springs with a local guide. If you are looking for something more relaxed, head to the nearby beach the city of El Kuka.

resort in El Salvador

Ruta de las Flores: Discover and try amazing coffee along this route in the mountains of western El Salvador. The route will take travelers through six picturesque colonial villages where you can enjoy markets, food and festivals. You can even arrange a tour of the coffee plantation with an agency in one of the villages.

Playa El Esteron: This beach near San Miguel in the east is perhaps one of the best in the country. It is a much lesser known and great place for swimming and kayaking. El Esteron is also home to some of the best seafood in the region.

El Baqueron National Park: In this national park is the most picturesque volcano of El Salvador. Located near San Salvador, the trail here is well marked and you will be rewarded with magnificent views.

Mayan ruins: While the Mayan ruins are a sought-after attraction in the south Mexico, Belize and Guatemala, El Salvador is also home to a number of impressive Mayan attractions. Just 12 km from the city of San Andres is Joyas de Ceren, an abandoned Mayan village dating back 1,400 years.

White Church in El Salvador

What are the direct flights to El Salvador?

This year are the new airlines and the first routes to El Salvador, getting to this center of Central America is easier than you think. International flights are served from San Salvador International Airport. Direct flights to El Salvador available from the following cities:

  • From the United States: New York, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Ontario (CA), San Francisco, Washington
  • From Canada: Toronto Pearson Airport
  • From Mexico: Mexico City, Cancun
  • From Central and South America: Guatemala, San Pedro and Camayagua (Honduras), Belize, Managua, San Jose (Czech Republic), Panama City, Bogota, China, Lima
  • From Europe: Flights are available from Madrid via JFK.
BARCELONA, SPAIN - JANUARY 26, 2020: View of Boeing 787 Colombian Avianca Airlines N783AV during the final runway approach at El Prat Airport (BARCELONA, SPAIN - JANUARY 26, 2020: Avianca Airmb view N783AV: AVIAN Colombian view

In summary

El Salvador is currently undergoing rapid change, one of which is very attractive to foreign tourists, digital nomads and foreign investors. The country’s friendly approach to tourists during the pandemic, when other countries remained closed, has increased its popularity among hassle-free travelers.

New construction is underway everywhere, including the city’s brilliant new airport terminal, and economic growth is exploding with double-digit GDP growth. President Naib Bukele is urging to continue the incredible tourism boom, reduce crime and make El Salvador a world nation on everyone’s lips.

Visiting El Salvador in 2022 is easier and more exciting than ever before, and this year it should be at the top of your wish list for travel.

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