Where can I see the suspect?

A month after its premiere, ITV’s latest drama The Suspect has viewers riveted to the screen as a psychologist investigates the death of a young girl only to become a suspect himself.

The five-part drama, based on Michael Robotham’s book of the same name, follows Dr Joe O’Loughlin, played by Aidan Turner, who seems to have the perfect life.

With a devoted wife by his side, a loving daughter, a successful clinical psychology practice, a media profile and a publishing deal, Joe even became an internet hero after saving a young patient from jumping to her death at the hospital where he works.

During the events of Suspect, he is approached by Inspector Vincent Ruiz, played by Sean Parks, and his partner, DS Devi, played by Anjali Mohindra, following the discovery of a young woman named Catherine, found in a shallow grave.

Sean Parks as Ruiz and Anjali Mohindra as DS Riya Devi

Official synopsis reads: “When a young woman is found in a shallow grave in a West London cemetery, veteran police officer Vincent Ruiz and his young partner DS Ria Davy are assigned to investigate. But was the young woman killed, or is it a case of suicide?

“As a successful author, Dr. Joe’s opinion is in high demand, and when he meets DS Devi, he is ready to offer help with profiling and his expertise.

“Now that Joe is known for his risk-taking and rule-breaking, does Joe have something to hide? A recent diagnosis of a degenerative disease may explain his behavior.

“But as the investigation into Catherine’s death gathers momentum, we begin to question whether we know the real Joe, or does he have a secret life? And did his work as a clinical psychologist allow him to develop a criminal mindset? Or worse?”

Here’s everything you need to know about the nail-biting crime series.

When was the suspect released?

Not to be confused with another Channel 4 crime drama Suspect, Suspect aired on Monday 29 August at 9pm on ITV.

Who is the cast of Suspect?

Aidan Turner (Poldark) stars in the series, joined by Sean Parks (Little Axe) and Anjali Mohindra (Vigil).

Meanwhile, Sean Clifford ( Fleabag ) and Camilla Biput ( Peep Show ) round out the cast, among others.

Where can I see the suspect?

The first four episodes are already available online at ITV Huband the final episode will air on Monday 26th September. Where can I see the suspect?

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