What happens to Queen Elizabeth II’s corgi after she dies?

It all started in 1933, when the seven-year-old Princess Elizabeth fell in love with her father and bought a corgi named Duke.

After that, they welcomed a second corgi, named Lady Jane, and from there began the family tradition of breeding dogs.

Since then, Elizabeth – both princess and queen – had corgis throughout her life, until her death on September 8.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Queen’s corgis after her death, including what will happen to them, what the rest of the corgis were called and how many corgis the Queen had in her lifetime.

What will happen to the Queen’s corgi after she dies?

Queen Elizabeth II was very fond of corgis.

After her death, the Queen left behind at least four dogs – two corgis, one dorgi (a cross between a Welsh corgi and a dachshund) and one cocker spaniel.

Royal experts, including journalist Claudia Joseph, have suggested that Elizabeth’s dogs will be given to different members of the family.

“Andrei has a cocker spaniel, so he can take the one he gave her. William and Kate also love dogs so they can have them,” said Claudia Joseph New York Post.

What was the name of the Queen’s corgi?

Queen Elizabeth II’s two remaining corgis are named Muick and Sandy.

Her cocker spaniel is called Foxy and her dorgi is Candy.

How many corgis did the queen have during her 70 years of reign?

In just 70 years, the queen owned more than 30 corgis. Many of them were part of the same blood.

Her Majesty was devastated in April 2018 when the family’s last corgi, Willow, died. At that point, she said she wouldn’t get any more corgis because she was afraid she would leave some behind.

But in 2021, the Queen received two new puppies – a corgi and a dorgi – as a gift from the Duke of York. They entertained her in private while her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, was hospitalized. What happens to Queen Elizabeth II’s corgi after she dies?

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