Wayfair is jumping on the sustainability trend with site filters

This quarter, Wayfair Inc. has added new filter options to its e-commerce site that allow shoppers to find products with sustainability certifications such as Green Squared and LEED v4.

The home furnishings giant allows shoppers to filter through 50 sustainable features certified by third-party organizations. Shoppers can sort by attributes such as water efficiency, non-toxic, cruelty-free or fair trade.

When shoppers search for a specific product, more than a dozen filters appear on the left side of the e-commerce site, such as product price and product style. “Shop sustainably» Filter and attributes related to this product category are now visible in this section.

The ‘Buy Sustainably’ filter and attributes related to this product category are now visible in the filter section of Wayfair.com.

Wayfair works with its suppliers to note when products are certified so that this tag can be added to the backend. The retailer ranks #7 in the 2022 Digital Commerce 360 ​​Top 1000.

Wayfair added the feature after its search engine optimization and marketing teams noticed that certain keywords were driving traffic to its site, says Derek Oliver, Global Head of Corporate Responsibility. In addition, once on the site, buyers will enter various persistent keywords into the search bar.

“When you work in retail, every employee is also a customer, and you start hearing from our employees and what they’re looking for,” Oliver says.

If Wayfair wants to give its shoppers the most value and the best customer experience, it needs to give them the right tools, Oliver says.

Wayfair says it has 12,000 products with at least one certified aspect of sustainability, and hopes to increase that number, Oliver says. This is a small fraction of Wayfair.com’s SKU count. The giant hasn’t released its product numbers recently, but previously said it has more than 14 million SKUs. This would mean that less than 1% of its products have a sustainable development component.

Wayfair added an early version of this feature in 2020, then changed and updated its offering shortly after it launched in October 2022.

“We’ve become clearer, more transparent, and better about filter options and what they’re called.” Oliver says. “We thought that’s what customers were looking for Green Guardbut they weren’t, they were looking for a non-toxic one.”

Wayfair will evaluate the success of the filters as it would “any other attribute,” such as evaluating how shoppers respond to it and whether it changes the sales funnel in any way, Oliver says, without sharing the specific metrics Wayfair will look at.

Oliver did not provide any data on the number of buyers using these filtering options.

According to a survey of 1,107 online shoppers conducted in October 2022, this type of filtering is important to nearly a quarter of shoppers. Digital Commerce 360 ​​and Bizrate Insights. In the survey, 23% of consumers say that reliable search parameters for the products they are looking for, such as organic cotton, are important to ensure functional and well-designed purchases.


https://www.digitalcommerce360.com/2022/11/22/wayfair-hops-on-sustainability-trend-with-site-filters/ Wayfair is jumping on the sustainability trend with site filters

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