Watch: Arkansas shelter cares for serval dog who spent 6 months on the loose in Missouri

The African serval, which spent at least six months in the wild in the Awa area of ​​Missouri, is now in the care of the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Sanctuary in Arkansas. Photo courtesy of the Turpentine Creek Foundation

January 24 (UPI) — An African serval captured after spending at least six months on the loose in Missouri is receiving veterinary care for multiple ailments at an Arkansas wildlife sanctuary.

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge said the serval, a female believed to be about 5 years old, had been spotted on the loose in Missouri several times over a six-month period.

A serval was trapped on a farm in Ava, Missouri, and Missouri officials contacted the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge to give the African cat a new home.

Cheryl King, the shelter’s marketing director, said the serval is currently being treated for multiple health issues.

“She was severely anemic, mostly due to a flea infestation. Her front right paw had a badly infected toe. There was a puncture wound on the bottom of the finger and the infection started with swelling that spread to the finger along with the injury,” King said. said in an email to UPI.

King said the serval’s tail was also injured as a result of suspected frostbite, and about an inch of it had to be surgically removed.

“All of these have now been cured and she is under observation in quarantine at our veterinary hospital,” King wrote.

Officials said the serval was likely an exotic pet that escaped or was abandoned by its owner. Cats are common as exotic pets and are used to breed savannah cats, serval hybrids, and domestic cats.

“It’s amazing that this young serval could live for six months like she did, but she obviously made it based on the number of bird feathers we found at the site. “It was clear that a skilled hunter was bringing her kills back to her adopted ‘den’ to eat them in safety,” said refuge president Tanya Smith in a press release. Watch: Arkansas shelter cares for serval dog who spent 6 months on the loose in Missouri

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