Vietnam is seeking to lift most travel restrictions on March 15th

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Joining Fr. a list of other Asian countries that are opening up travelers Vietnam there is last tourist access point on the continent to announce ambitious plans office lift almost all existing travel restrictions. This time even earlier than originally thought in June, p March 15 set official restart date.

After the rapid spread of Amicron option, Vietnam is imposed incredibly strict Covid protocols on its borders, banning entry for all foreign nationals regardless of vaccination status. However, as the world begins to heal from the last wave, and more and more countries are lifting restrictionsit is the terrible scenario may change again.

A couple of tourists in photos looking at some karst mountains in an unspecified location in Vietnam

Full opening is possible until March 15

As announced Ministry of Tourism of Vietnam February 15 becomes more likely the rising Asian star will remove “almost all” travel restrictions from March 15 or three months earlier than originally planned by the state authorities. It can mean foreign guestsincluding Americans and Canadianswill be again welcome to the country.

Although the proposal still requires the approval of the Prime Minister, Vietnam does hurrying to keep up with neighboring nations, e.g. Thailand and Cambodia. They both allow entry non-citizens traveling for tourism purposes under certain conditions including vaccinations and is being tested.

A woman on a river boat in the Ninh Binh Mountains in North Vietnam

Despite the good signs, the review in measures is still does not mean that immunized travelers are fully understood: in fact in the compiled sentence is still preserved a one-day quarantine for arrival as reported by CNNin addition testing before departure and on arrival. This is still definitely an improvement over the complete ban on entry.

When Covid was declared a pandemic, Vietnam quickly introduced one of them the toughest border regimes in the world. This meant that for most of the crisis, very few visitors it was known to have reached Vietnam by practicing a mutilating blow to its tourism industry, which included almost 10% of GDP only in 2019.

The Vietnamese flag flies over a tower in Hanoi, Vietnam

When it comes to arrival, in 2021, only 157,000 people were registeredcompared to pandemic highs 18 million in 2019 a sharp drop in arrivals there largely attributed to to the government repression against international travelers in the fight against Kovid. However, like World Health Organization stated such measures proved to be “ineffective”.

Will tourists be allowed to visit again if they get vaccinated?

The traveler is pictured with a vaccine passport and a Canadian passport

Currently, we do not yet know what the new rules of entry into Vietnam will look like from March 15, as discussions continue, though there is it is safe to assume that this will entail a requirement of proof of vaccinationas well as PCR and / or rapid testing mandates.

As for unvaccinatedthey may not benefit from rebuilding Vietnam in the short term if the country has unlikely to go Mexico is in the lead in removing all requirements related to Covid. In Asia specifically, Sri Lanka remains one of the few destinations that still accepts unvaccinated American touristsalthough they are subject to further testing.

Women's rowing boat in Hoi An, Vietnam

Currently foreign guests in principle entry into Vietnam is not allowed as changes to the rules have not yet been made. The country is temporary suspended the issuance of tourist visaswhich also included visa facilitation for both Americans and Canadians who were allowed to obtain visa on arrival until 2020.

Choose categories of travelers may continue to enter the country, including diplomats, some highly skilled workers and residence permit holders. But not all is lost for the average traveler who can’t wait for March: those who join official group tours to destinations that have been pre-approved The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism also claims an exception.

Aerial view at night of Hanoi, Vietnam

When traveling to Vietnam on a tour package, Citizens of the United States and Canada It is expected that at the border will be presented:

  • Proof of complete vaccination against Covid completed no more than a year before arrival, or present to an official health certificate not older than six months;
  • A negative RT-PCR / RT-LAMP test inside 72 hours about planting;
  • Travel insurance which includes Covid treatment with a minimum coverage of $ 50,000;
  • Booking a tour package through approved travel agency.
An Asian traveler uses a disinfectant at the airport in a face mask

When flying this winterand especially in strict destinations such as Vietnam, travelers are encouraged purchase health insurance that covers Covid in advance. Apart from the fact that this is an official requirement for a trip to the country, it is also protects the insured from high cancellation costsquarantine and even Covid treatment abroad.

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