Valerie Bertinelli plays Demi Lovato’s mom in NBC pilot “Hunger”

June 11 (UPI) – Valerie Bertinelli Participated in the cast of NBC pilots Hunger Starring together Demi Lovato..

Bertinelli portrays Robert’s mother About the script comedy series that follows a group of friends who are part of the Food Issues group.

group Support each other They are looking for the perfect item for love, success, and eating.

Bertinelli’s character, Lisa, owns a restaurant and likes to point out that she is a close friend of her daughter, Teddy (Rovato). Lisa is described as a warm, affectionate, self-critical, emotional mess.

Includes co-stars Anna Akana, Alex Brightman, Ashley D. Kelly, Jay Crate, Rory O’Malley.

Bertinelli host Valerie’s home cooking And Kids Baking Championship Known for starring in Food Network One day family, Touched by an angel And Cleveland hot..

Cleveland hot Creator Susanne Martin is the author and executive producer HungerRovato is also executive producer with the manager Scooter brown, Sean Hayes, Todd Milliner, James Singh, Scott Manson.

Rovato they said in May Non-binary Changed the pronoun to them / they. Valerie Bertinelli plays Demi Lovato’s mom in NBC pilot “Hunger”

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