USTR criticizes China in new report to Congress


USTR criticizes China in new report to Congress

The US trade representative says China is not fulfilling its obligations when it joined the World Trade Organization twenty years ago. Katherine Tai says China has not taken steps to embrace the market-oriented principles on which the WTO and its rules are based, and the country has maintained and expanded its state-led, non-market, economic and trade approach.

A USTR report to Congress on Wednesday says Phase I of the Trade Agreement reflected changes in intellectual property protection and financial services that China had already planned, and the focus on the agricultural sector and the purchase of US goods was to prioritize the administration. Trump. The USTR report also says that China has not implemented significant commitments in agricultural biotechnology and the necessary assessment of the risks that China must take in connection with the use of ractopamine in cattle and pigs. USTR says China has failed to meet its commitments to buy US goods and services in 2020 and 2021.

The USTR report also details issues with the WTO dispute settlement mechanism, saying it is ineffective in addressing China’s state-run, non-market economic and trade approach, which systematically disadvantages partners. its commercial. USTR criticizes China in new report to Congress

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