Use of new propulsion technologies for Earth monitoring

The reliability of any satellite depends on the quality of all its parts. As supply chains change in light of global events, Airbus is looking for alternative European-sourced satellite equipment that will also innovate.

At the world’s most prestigious space industry gathering, the International Astronautical Congress, Airbus and Exotrail signed an agreement to integrate Spaceware – a mini-motor, Exotrail’s new 300W to 600W electric propulsion system into Airbus’ Earth observation satellite platform portfolio.

The agreement calls for the acquisition and delivery of a 300W version of the engine following the completion of qualification activities in 2024, following the rapid development of a new product.

Philippe Pham, Senior Vice President, Head of Earth Observation and Science at Airbus, said: “Airbus is paving the way for what’s to come in space with this agreement for the next generation of electric propulsion for our medium-sized low-altitude Earth observation satellites. orbit

“This will further improve design flexibility, compactness, competitiveness and production time. We are very happy to partner with Exotrail, a very successful European and French startup.”

Exotrail’s CEO, Jean-Luc Maria, said: “To be selected by a leading satellite manufacturer such as Airbus is an honor for Exotrail. Supplying an electric motor to one of the first satellite manufacturers to incorporate this technology into their commercial offering is a big step for our company”

In conclusion, this agreement further underscores Airbus’ belief that the entire space community must work together to deliver the best in space technology.

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