US issues Level 4 recommendations “Don’t travel” for 8 more destinations, including Bali

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The U.S. State Department has issued another round of travel recommendations in recent days, this time advising travelers not to visit Indonesia – home to Bali’s very popular tourist destinations – as well as several other countries around the world. Updates, which are regularly published as the State Department responds to events, problems and situations around the world, are very important to ensure that travelers know about things that could jeopardize their safety on holiday.

Although travel recommendations have no legal weight to prevent travelers from heading to their destination or not, they are sure to make them think twice about their travels – the latest announcement is sure to be a blow to those who have had Bali . attractions. Here’s a look at the latest travel tips as well as a reminder of what they are and what they mean to travelers.

Updates on travel tips – what travelers need to know

Travel recommendations are issued in each country, and those who do not threaten the safety of the traveler Level 1 warning, and persons with serious threats handed over Level 4 tips. Yesterday’s travel guidelines were seen by countries that received Level 3 and 4 travel recommendations, suggesting that travel to these countries carries a high degree of risk. This is reflected in the warning level wording; those heading for Level 3 directions are recommended reconsider the journeywhile those wishing to visit the site with a Level 4 advisory warning, talk about Don’t travel.

Several different factors are taken into account before a country is given a level of warning. Issues such as crime, terrorism, civil unrest, health problems and natural disasters, as well as other factors such as the embassy’s ability to help travelers in the country are assessed. Not surprisingly, Covid-19 currently plays a significant role in the level of warning in the country, and the virus is one of the key reasons why travelers are told not to travel to Indonesia.

Indonesia is assigned level 4 travel recommendations The State Department in yesterday’s update. The Indonesia Travel Tips page advises travelers not to visit the country due to the high level of Covid-19, and also recommends travelers to Indonesia be very careful because of the threat posed to travelers by problems such as terrorism and natural disasters. Unfortunately for Indonesia, travel recommendations came at a bad time for the country.

After months of almost impassable borders, Bali recently announced their plans to resume work for foreign travelers this month, and travelers must first go through a short period of time in quarantine. Recent travel recommendations may not only force travelers to reconsider their plans to visit the troubled island, but the situation in the country may force them to reconsider their plans to resume work.

Yesterday we also received Level 4 recommendations in the following countries:
South Korea, Moldova, French Polynesia, Esvatini, Comoros, Belarus and Azerbaijan.
Two countries, Mauritius and El Salvador, have received Level 3 travel recommendations. Currently, more than half of the world’s countries are considered as such very high risk – a sharp reminder that while countries can ease their restrictions, we are still in a pandemic.

Although Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the recommended level of travel in countries, this is not the only factor in the decision – travelers should read the full page of travel advice country they visit to be fully informed . Travel recommendations alone may not prevent a traveler from visiting a destination, but should always play a role in deciding whether to travel or not. Regardless of destination and alert level, travelers should make sure they have a reliable travel insurance policy so that they are well protected while abroad.

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