US Army to fly unmanned Black Hawks with 3,000 pounds of supplies

The US Army says it will fly the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, which carries 3,000 pounds (1,360 kilograms) of military cargo without a crew.

The to experiment will be part of the annual Project Convergence, an exercise to integrate artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomy into military platforms to improve integration on the battlefield.

According to the service, tests are being conducted to assess whether such an autonomous vehicle could deliver supplies and perform other tasks with fewer operators.

The U.S. Army plans to have a single soldier operate multiple autonomous vehicles in a variety of operational environments.

“Autonomous capabilities are at the forefront of what we believe our next operational concept will be based on,” said the director of the Army’s future command, Lt. Gen. Scott McKean said.

“Why do you need Black Hawk? Think about the capacity the Black Hawk provides in terms of carrying capacity. It will really help us give commanders options.”

The experiment will be conducted in the autumn with the participation of all types of troops, as well as the British and Australian armed forces.

“A great learning opportunity”

In addition to the autonomous Black Hawk, the US Army will experiment with various air and ground robots from the US, UK and Australia.

He will also test his ability to “consult” with a group of drones controlled by a soldier.

“This is a convergence,” McKean stressed. “How do we transmit data from these robots back to the command post so that commanders can understand and act on what these systems provide?” It will be a great opportunity to find out where we are.”

Project convergence Various advanced capabilities are expected to be tested as part of the ongoing modernization of the US military. US Army to fly unmanned Black Hawks with 3,000 pounds of supplies

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