Unpleasant thunderstorms on the way – here’s how to prepare for extreme weather

More than 90 mph winds from storms Dudley and Eunice this week are heading to parts of the UK, with severe weather warnings from Meteorological Bureauand “threat to life” in some areas.

As many families may again suffer from power outages, as happened earlier this year in the Malik storm, experts suggest ways we can prepare for them and protect ourselves.

Find out if you have had a power outage in the following ways:

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Call 105 for information on power outages in your area, or check for other alerts that indicate a problem outside the home:

Check to see if the street lights are on – if not, then most likely the local electricity is off, not just your house.

Make sure everything goes out, not just the lights or appliances – if so, it could just be one of your switches.

Check to see if the prepayment credit has expired.

Check with a neighbor to see if they have electricity.

Once you install the problem inside or outside your home, you can contact your network distributor who will be able to provide updates.

What to do if the electricity goes out:

Fortunately, power outages don’t often last long. However, in the case of severe storms such as storm Malik recently, you may be left without electricity for longer.

In case this happens, you can do a few things:

Keep calm – your distributor will have people working to get your electricity back as soon as it is safe for them.

Unplug electrical appliances if it is safe – sometimes electricity can jump during mains repairs.

Watch out for frozen foods – if something thaws, re-freezing can be dangerous. Foods can usually be stored in the freezer for 15-24 hours if you may not open them. For the fridge it is about 4-6 hours.

Switch the phone to low power mode, remove all programs running in the background, and reduce the brightness. Use a car charger if you have access to it.

If you can, leave the light on so you know when your power will turn on again.

Wrap up as warmly as possible, especially if the power outage occurs in the evening.

In bad weather, if your electricity is cut off for more than 24 hours, you are entitled to compensation of £ 70. For storms lasting more than 48 hours you will receive an additional £ 70 for every 12 hours of no electricity, up to a limit of £ 700.

If you are experiencing a period of bad weather and are aware of the possibility of a power outage, you can prepare in several ways:

Make sure you have a torch on hand, as candles can be a fire hazard.

Purchase and charge a portable battery for your phone.

Prepare blankets and tight clothing in case you need to keep warm.

Make sure you have enough food and drink that does not require electricity to heat.

If you’re counting on anything medically that requires a battery, be sure to talk to your doctor about a possible backup plan.

You can also join a register of priority services that will let your provider know about your medical needs in the event of a power outage.

Keep a connected phone that does not require electricity, as most cordless phones will fail in the event of a power outage.

These helpful tips have been put together by Utility Bidder experts. Unpleasant thunderstorms on the way – here’s how to prepare for extreme weather

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