Universal Orlando will no longer require a face mask

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Front coverings are now optional for fully vaccinated guests

From February 12, wearing masks at Universal Orlando is no longer mandatory. According to information published on the official website of the company, fully vaccinated visitors do not need to wear face masksoutdoors or indoors.

Universal Orlando Resort policy updates also mention that guests who have not been vaccinated will be encouraged to wear masks indoors, including in shops, restaurants and public areas of hotels.

Before visiting, all guests should confirm that they are not ill and have no flu-like symptoms, including cough, fever, chills, sore throat, loss of sense of smell or taste, and difficulty breathing; that they have not been in contact with an acquaintance of COVID and do not suspect that they are not under quarantine.

roller coaster in Orlando

Universal Orlando also encourages visitors to read Website of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to be aware of current measures and follow their recommendations.

New rules for Universal Orlando respond to local updates, recent Florida State Department reports report confirms that positive cases have dropped to 18%. This update also followsThe U.S. has recently lifted mandatory restrictions on masks.

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Visitors must follow the basic rules

Masks for vaccinated visitors are not mandatory at Universal Orlando, but other rules remain important. According to the press release, visitors are still invited to:

  • Wash your hands often.
  • Avoid contact with people who feel sick.
  • Follow the instructions of team members.
  • Use hand sanitizers.
  • Masks for unvaccinated visitors.
  • Maintaining social distance.
women and girls wash their hands in public bathrooms

In open areas, guests – vaccinated or unvaccinated – should not wear face masks. As coronavirus cases continue to decline, more and more theme parks are also lifting these strict restrictions.

Visitors should also remember that the rules vary by state and specific park. For example, Universal Hollywood in California must comply with state regulations and has various restrictions for Universal Orlando.

Universal Orlando that survived the pandemic

In 2020, during the COVID-19 outbreak, Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood have closedsuspended ticket sales, suspended monthly ticket payments and extended previously purchased tickets.

Three months after closing Universal Orlando Resort gradually reopened with new security measures, reduced capacity rules and optimized sanitation procedures. City walk was the first guest of the area to be allowed to visit during the pandemic.

Despite the difficulties, the new Velocicoaster, dedicated to the Jurassic, officially opened in June 2021 and was a great success. And the new Epic Universe – a promising theme park project that will occupy 750 acres of land, has resumed its construction activities, and Universal recently announced that it scheduled to open by 2025.

Universal Orlando, a renewed experience

universal of Orlando

Despite the negative impact of the pandemic on theme parks, Universal Orlando is implementing a variety of marketing strategies and security measures to ensure the best experience.

Great investments have been made in technology, and now visitors have more productive programs with up-to-date information about parks and details about attractions.

Universal Studios theme parks have closed

The Universal Orlando Resort app now includes Virtual line experiencewhere after entering the park guests can book a place through the app for their group and avoid long queues.

You can also avoid queues at restaurants with a new feature for some restaurants: now users can order in advance through the app.
Among other social distancing strategies, more contactless payments are now available throughout the park, guests can also pay using the Universal app.

Universal theme parks are closed until the end of May

Universal Orlando continues to invest and improve its services to gain more customers, not only by retaining major attractions, but also by incorporating new features and activities to arouse curiosity and create new experiences.

At the moment, travelers can also experience Mardi Gras Universal – until April 24 – and enjoy the parade. This year’s party includes wonderful live concerts, delicious food and a New Orleans experience in Orlando.

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